Meteorologist calls his children to live to warn them of a hurricane

Meteorologist calls his children to live to warn them of a hurricane
Doug CamererAnd after realizing that a hurricane was going through his house where his children were on their own, he didn’t hesitate to call them for a full broadcast of the show. Image: Image taken from the video.

Doug Kammerer, meteorologist main series NBC Washington, The matter spread on social networks when he called his children in full to warn them of the hurricane that was going to cross his house.

reaction camera It happened because their children were alone in the house, and most likely they were not watching it on TV at the time, so the meteorologist did not hesitate for a second to warn them of the danger that was coming, and told them to come in. Downstairs so more information about the phenomenon came out.

It was the same Doug Who posted the video on his account? Twitter Where he was seen interrupting the live broadcast to take his cell phone and call.

“Kent, are you there dude? Hey, I want you to go downstairs. We have a hurricane warning. I want to make sure you and Cale get off as soon as possible.” camera.

When his son, Kent replied, “Now?” , Camerer told him to take his sister downstairs and “Go into the bedroom and wait 10 to 15 minutes.”

And in posting the video, which exceeded 100,000 copies, the caller noted that it was “a terrifying moment for me, I was a little crazy inside” and thanked that his children are fine.

road Cyclone Forecasts by the United States National Weather Service indicated that the meteor It will pass right over your houseBut fortunately for Kamerer, his sons and the residents of the area, the meteorological phenomenon deteriorated, so the state of alert was raised.

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