Chiptiji inherits the throne of joy of Uganda

Chiptiji inherits the throne of joy of Uganda

Joshua Chiptege He did not reach the elite to lose. We have to start with it, because the Ugandan, who on December 1 wants to attack the world record of 10 kilometers on the road in Valencia, has achieved three milestones no one expected this year: the March cross country champion, the 5000m Diamond League champion In August, he inherited the 10,000-meter throne in Doha, which in the last three copies was the property of Muhammad Farah.

At the age of 22, the Ethiopian army, which included three athletes under 27 minutes, was stunned and advanced in hiding at the speed that Kenyans and Ugandans had scored in lap after lap, with each kilometer between 2:42 and 2:44 minutes. Cheptegei and Runex kiproto They took turns starting at 6000 meters to speed up the test and the leading group began to double the athletes. The penultimate group was already covered at 2:40 and six athletes won medals. The only Ethiopian who resisted was Yumeev Kjelcha, From the fifth of Cheptegei, who seemed relaxed throughout the race and only started to encounter the ringing of the bell.

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Cheptegei was not surprised, he tightened the speed even more, while Kejelcha, by his side, launched another attack on the counter. The duel was enormous and lasted until the end in a row, as the most ambitious throughout the test began to take advantage of the last lap in 55 seconds, like the greats, to give Uganda a second gold in Doha after Halima Nayaki’s surprise victory in the Women’s Championship. 800 m.

The race was worthy of test-taking legends, from Gebrselassie to Bekele, and from there to Farah. Cheptegei scored the best mark of 2019, scoring 26 minutes 48 seconds and 36 hundredths. Kejelcha came in with less than a second (26: 49.34), another one belonging to the Nike Oregon Project who had led Alberto Salazar until Tuesday. Behind the Kenyan Runex kiproto He found the reward as desired throughout the test with 26: 50.32.

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