CIU reports the dedicated line of communication in PPEF 2023

CIU reports the dedicated line of communication in PPEF 2023

The good news in the 2023 Economic Package from the Project for Federal Expenditure Budget (PPEF), is that there has been a significant increase in projects related to the ICT sector. The presentation of this budget is of great importance in our country because it is indicative of the proposed plans for development, equity and social inclusion. In this case, by democratizing access to contact.

Thus, the allocations for the year 2023 in the said budget for ICT projects amounted to a total of 8.3 billion pesos. Annual increase of 11.5% in real terms, which according to the CIU is the highest allocation in the last 22 years to this item.

The telecom sector corresponds to an expected spending of 6.1 billion pesos, slightly less than 10% of the total, which must be carried out by various bodies such as the Federal Institute of Communications (IFT) and the Agency for the Promotion of Investment in Communications (PROMTEL) and coordination. From the information and knowledge society, among others.

According to a CIU publication that analyzed the budget proposal, almost all government agencies (ICT and public policy regulators) earmarked for budget exercise will receive an increase in real terms, with the exception of the Strategic Coordination Cases Digital Nacional and PROMTEL, entities that will have 1.2% and 2.7% lower allocations in real terms. real.

The case of CFE Telecom stands out noticeably, with a budget that is 214.0% higher in its real comparison between the years, the equivalent of 10,912 million pesos to strive to provide connectivity to the rural population, which President López Obrador himself has declared, a priority of his government. That now seems at least somewhat optimistic.

In contrast, it will hardly work to promote effective competition and effective management of the radio spectrum responsible for the IFT, with a projected budget 2.6% higher, net of inflation, with the projected resources of 1,680. It should be noted how important it is to enhance competition in this sector.

In terms of budget destination, a higher line item, 46.4% in real terms (1,170 million pesos), is expected, for direct provision of telecommunications, satellite and telegraph services and money transfers by the government.

In terms of supervision and verification of telecom privileges, it is expected that 2.7% lower in the real annual comparison and 27.1% higher in the case of maintenance and operation of the Mexican satellite system.

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