CODE Guanajuato and CIATEC put science and technology at the service of the athlete

CODE Guanajuato and CIATEC put science and technology at the service of the athlete

Lyon, Gto. – The Guanajuato State Sports Commission (CODE) and the Center for Applied Innovation in Competitive Technologies (CIATEC) have renewed and strengthened their commitment to working for sport, by signing an agreement to work for the well- to be among 250 high-performance and competitive athletes practicing traditional and adapted sports.

The Convention obliges CIATEC to assess the biomechanical status of athletes proposed by CODE Guanajuato. The studies conducted will allow young people to address muscular or skeletal conditions that affect their training and health conditions.

The signing of the commitments was in charge of the directors of CIATEC, Ricardo Guerra Sanchez, and Marco Gacciola, CODE Guanajuato, who reviewed the results from the first phase of the agreement implemented in 2021, in which a pilot project was carried out with five athletes, including Paralympic medalist Jesus Hernandez.

The plan involving Chucho and designed by CIATEC science and technology teachers, Luis Angel Ortiz and José de Jesus Mayagoetía, made it possible to detect a problem with the parachutist’s stroke in time, which, if not corrected, could have resulted in serious injury.

The project will be extended this year to assess the performance, movements, muscular work and efforts of athletes, with the aim of directing them to treatment or sports medicine in a timely manner.

Models will also be designed or retraining suggested for athletes in cases where it is required.

Jorge Medina, CODE Guanajuato High Performance Coordinator, indicated that athletes from across the entity will be proposed to CIATEC for their biomechanical evaluation, the results of which will be shared with coaches to enhance the preparation and performance of the athletes.

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