Colombia records 11,048 new cases of coronavirus, on Sunday, July 25 25

Colombia records 11,048 new cases of coronavirus, on Sunday, July 25 25
A health worker cares for a patient in the intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients at Tonal Hospital in Bogota (Colombia). EFE / Carlos Ortega / Archive

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection reported, This Sunday, July 25, there are 11,048 new cases of COVID-19 in Colombia. in the last 24 hours, 77,392 tests Of which 42,366 sons PCR and 35.026 of antigens;

The report also indicates that 330 Colombian Died from illness in the last 24 hours. In this way, the country reaches a total 118,688 Deaths from the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

summing up all the numbers, The number of infected people in Colombia reached 4,727,846. Of these, 107,637 are active cases and 4,487,973 Correspond to positive cases that have already managed to overcome the disease.

Regarding the regions with the most reported cases, Bogota Leading with 3,826 injured, followed by Antioquia With 1780 and third place Valley With 1,148.

There are 1,100 conglomerates in the country. The regions are: Amazonas, Antioquia (Ituango), Arauca, Atlantico, Barranquilla, Bogota, Boyaca, Bolivar, Buenaventura, Caldas, Caquetá, Cartagena, Casanare, Cauca, Cesar, Choco, Cordoba, Cundinamarca, Huila, La Guina. Meta, Nariño, Norte de Santander, Putumayo, Quindío, Risaralda, San Andrés, Santa Marta, Santander, Sucre, Tolima, Valle, Vaupés, Vichada, Guaviare, Guainía.

The latest report from the Ministry of Health also indicates that as of 11:59 p.m. on July 25, applications have already been submitted in Colombia. A total of 25,134,221 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the same report, the number of fully vaccinated Colombians, that is, those who have already received two doses of the biological substance, They currently number 9,054,065 people, while 2,166,047 people have been vaccinated with single doses.

Similarly, a decrease in the vaccination rate was detected, Where a total of 307,814 doses were applied for the day, Of these, 105,439 corresponded to the second injection while 71,702 were single doses.

3.5 million doses of Moderna are already in Colombia

The US government transferred ownership of 3.5 million doses of Moderna that were donated to the Colombian government.

The Colombian government, through a logistics operator specializing in this, has transported and nationalized these vaccines that arrive in the country today.

These vaccines are from the messenger RNA platform, which constitutes the next generation of biological preparations, and so far, the evidence indicates excellent efficacy and safety profile.

In this way, Colombia has completed 3,537,324 doses of vaccines, including 2.1 million purchased by the private sector.

This donation takes place within the framework of the close bilateral relationship between the two governments and, to a large extent, the state’s ability to receive and rapidly apply vaccines throughout the national territory.

In this regard, the President of the Republic, Ivan Duque Marquez, indicated that this is a moment of great joy and “we received this wonderful gesture, which is a very important donation to continue confronting Covid-19,” noting that a proportion of these vaccines “will be directed to serving the immigrant population.” .

Similarly, the president stressed that the world today is seeing how the presence of the delta variant is spreading in the world and that the best way to counter it “is through mass vaccination, and it is clear that these vaccines will be critical in protecting Colombians.”

For his part, US Ambassador to Colombia Philip Goldberg expressed his pleasure to be involved in this important occasion, congratulating Colombia on “reaching more than 11 million Colombians who have been fully vaccinated. This progress is extraordinary,” Goldberg said.

Likewise, he said stopping COVID-19 is the first priority of President Joe Biden’s administration.

Finally, President Duque once again thanked for the donation and called on Colombians to “vaccinate us on a large scale.”

German Escobar, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, confirmed that these vaccines are the first to arrive from this pharmaceutical company and will strengthen the national vaccination plan in the huge stage that the country is currently going through.

“These vaccines will end with the arrival of the first bilateral agreement with this pharmaceutical company, which is expected in the coming days and during the month of August with a large number.”, pointed out.

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