Conacyt’s director justifies approval of the new science law

Conacyt’s director justifies approval of the new science law

Maria Elena Alvarez Bella RocesDirector General of the National Science and Technology Council (Consit), Justified approval of the Humanities, Science, Technology, and Innovation Common Law initiative (HCTI) by ensuring that with this new law, simulations and regulations will no longer be allowed so that they derive millions of dollars in resources from people to companies.

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In a morning press conference held by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the President of Conacyt confirmed that with the approval of this law, simulation will end in the sector, more scholarships will be offered, and research will be promoted.

“It is imperative that there be a law that does not allow simulation and regulation as a means of deriving millions of dollars’ worth of resources from the people of Mexico for the benefit of corporations, under the pretense of innovation and lost money,” advertiser.

“In fact, we have already achieved in these years, as of December 1, 2018, that cannot be retroactive, a law that defends Conacyt’s resources and uses them efficiently for human, scientific and technological development in the interest of the public interest and the people of Mexico.”

At the National Palace, Álvarez Buela Roces presented statements supporting the “urgency and need for a profound change in the consit that has already taken place and the new legislation that has been worked on during these years and approved by Congress.”

“Since Fox’s six-year tenure, these instruments have been created, in trust funds, to pool resources, budget spending for the federation, and from there to be able to manage them in an opaque way outside the functions of the National Science and Technology Council. These funds increased during Calderon’s time, under Mr. Peña until It reached 91 until we reached, and more than 45 billion pesos has been transferred through these trust funds and consit programs from national and transnational private companies,” to explain.

In the treasury room, the head of Conasset explained that a group of companies, including Kimberly-Clark, FEMSA, Monsanto, Continental, Bayer and others, had received two thousand 667 million pesos from the public budget.

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