Congo and UNESCO work in science and sustainable development

Congo and UNESCO work in science and sustainable development

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Enhancement Project follows the need to rely on science and technology, at the research level, to design innovative green solutions capable of solving the climate, food and energy crises in order to achieve the goals set within the framework of sustainability. Development. In this sense, UNESCO and Congo agree that it is beneficial for policy action and governance decisions to be based on scientific elements.

In addition, the implementation of the STI systems strengthening project requires a lot of brains. As much as we need to boost science education, we must stem the brain drain and encourage more young men and women to take an interest in science majors.

Minister Edith Delphine Emmanuel and UN Diplomat Fatomata Mariga also discussed training students in forest management, in close collaboration with the National School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering, as well as organizing a coding competition for students. and students during Science Week during the first quarter of 2022. Congo’s participation in the 41st session of the UNESCO General Conference, from 9 to 24 November, was also part of the exchange list between the two figures.

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