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The 31 girls between the ages of 9 and 15 who are part of First Colombian mission to NASA are already on American soil, where they will visit the world’s main space center, and space center, located in Houston, Texas.

During their visit, they will interact with her Women which are part of the NASA operation and will have the opportunity to prepare for and be inspired by five days of immersion at the headquarters facilities scientific learning Based on space exploration.

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She’s an Astronaut program runs for eight months, which includes virtual lessons before diving in with ingredients like meet and talk and webinars with astronauts and CEO of the Space Center. Participants are from remote and vulnerable regions in some provinces such as Putumayo, Chocó, Bolivar, Meta, Santander, Magdalena and Cundinamarca.

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They will visit the main space center of the world located in Houston (USA).


Foundation is Colombian

She is an astronaut

Developing leadership skills is one of the objectives of the programme.


Foundation is Colombian

Despite the lack of favorable conditions for communication, they all took part in the activities proposed by the program. In order to motivate them in their training, activities to develop leadership and creativity skills so that they are multipliers and spokespersons for the opportunities in their territory will also be included.

The program was developed for the first time between the She Is Foundation and the NASA Space Center and with support from Ecopetrol, Avon Women’s Foundation, Mastercard, UN Women, Fundación Bancolombia, Goya, Fundación Mujeres de Éxito, Institución Zoraida Cadavid, the Santander Government and the Vice Presidency.

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During their stay, they will experience different skills, knowledge and ways of thinking when working as a team, providing solutions in an innovative and unified way to achieve success in situations where life is at stake and responsibilities are required.

She is an astronaut

The idea is that these girls become role models in their communities and reinforce what they have learned.


Foundation is Colombian

Through these tools, they are also expected to be able to encourage girls and women to take an interest in these branches and areas of immersion, transforming their vision of life and empowering more girls, being multipliers and spokespeople for the opportunities available in their territories.

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