Between the peaks and the Taliban, they will taste their own medicine

Between the peaks and the Taliban, they will taste their own medicine
Between the peaks and the Taliban, they will taste their own medicine
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President Biden announced on August 11 that he would convene a “Leaders for Democracy Summit,” quoting from its main goal: “…will focus on bringing together a heterogeneous group of democracies around the world, to launch a series of commitments and initiatives based on three axes Main. Defending against tyranny, fighting corruption and promoting respect for human rights…”. This announcement, in my view, can be considered the end of the first stage of the strategic plan developed by the United States, to stop the progress of the totalitarian control project designed by Putin and his allies, which has seriously affected democratic regimes. Much of Latin America. Moreover, it will mark the beginning of a new phase, directed with greater force, to end a catastrophe that has endangered the stability of the so-called “backyard of the North American empire”.

So far, actions taken by the United States and some allies such as the European Union, against the revolutionary dictatorships that maintain control by force in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, have been limited to the application of direct sanctions to officials or business citizens and transnational corporations doing business with them. These measures, although they cause great pressure, do not yet seem sufficient to ensure that the leaders of the dictatorships are appeased and allow passage to a democratic system, so that, with this summit, the bonds are strengthened, deepened and aligned. To more effective strategies that succeed in solving the root problem.

Added to the announcement of the Summit of Democracies, an event announced and legalized by Trump during his administration, and identified by Biden, just two weeks ago. It is about total unemployment in Afghanistan by US military forces, which include British and German forces, among others. A far-reaching action, due to which he began to make an impact not only within the Afghan territory itself, but also in the Middle East. This action can be seen as a direct response from the United States to the instability generated in Latin America by the left-wing dictatorships mentioned above, which is part of the geostrategic plan designed by Russia and backed by China, Iran and Syria. America.

So far, US military control of Afghanistan has generated stability in the region, which has benefited not only the government established in September 2001 with NATO support, but also other countries such as Russia, which is a relief. Under control in order to ensure the security of the borders of their allies in Central Asia, which is their “backyard”. Likewise, Iran, which is an ally of Russia and a strong enemy of the United States, will be greatly affected by the future actions of the Taliban government, in fact, they have already closed their border with Afghanistan. Likewise, the Asian giantAnd China may suffer dire consequences in its mining investments in Afghan lands, and even its huge business project called “New Silk Road” will be affected by the instability that may arise in the region as a result of regaining control over the country. Taliban. It should be noted that on July 28, Chinese diplomatic representatives met with the Afghan Taliban, possibly predicting a negative impact on their business with the outgoing Kabul government.

In short, we may witness the implementation of a strategic plan, in which the United States, on the one hand, with the support of allied governments and meeting at the “Summit of Leaders of Democracies”, will attempt to restore stability in Latin. America, at the same time, a severe blow, directly affects the “backyard” of Russia and China, as the saying goes: “gives them a taste of their medicine.”

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