Consell is manipulating the economy and will show management with a crisis in the making

Consell is manipulating the economy and will show management with a crisis in the making

Konsel’s argument for the remainder of the legislature will be led by the administration and the good health that the autonomy’s economic indicators have. Recent bets by Volkswagen and Ford to the Valencia community have given the Valencia government reasons to strengthen this profile of serious management capable of attracting investment even with competition from other leading industrial regions. The pocket weighs a lot when choosing a ballot, and they at Botanic believe it will help turn the page on the coalition’s worst week after the inclusion and subsequent resignation of Monica Ultra.

Anke Rellinger, Saarland’s prime minister, at a demonstration against Ford on Wednesday in Saar-Louis. | LIFT-EMV

The strategy is as straightforward as it is risky. The global economic scenario has been showing signs of jitters for weeks, and if the worst omens materialize, it could make it difficult for Consell to sustain that boom story from the fall. The inflation spiral does not subside, financial markets are returning to put the debts of some countries like Spain at rock bottom and recession appears in the United States and the European Union in the face of 2023, the year of elections. A diabolical global situation in which the independent government has a very limited margin of intervention beyond the launch of some specific aid packages, but the Council links its fate to it. Especially President Ximo Puig, a figure who is subjected to revenue capture or wear and tear from the move, in the absence of seeing the role of partners.

Likewise, they at the Generalitat have an additional handicap in this task of defining the administrative profile: the two great economic parameters, the massive Sagunt battery factory and the longevity of the Almussafes factory, will remain ‘invisible’ in the numbers when I go to the polls.

It represents a historic opportunity to address the long-awaited change in the C. Valenciana production model and has the potential to turn autonomy into the new mobility standard in Europe, but it will not have an impact on the real economy until halfway. Of the decade, as the massive Volkswagen plant won’t be active until at least 2026 and Mussafah still faces a convulsive period with potential layoffs until Ford-promised models arrive from 2025.

Zemo Puig himself warned of this after the announcement of the American automaker: the abyss has been averted but there are still bitter pills in the resort area. In any case, Ford’s election freed the trio, especially the president, from the opposition’s suffering due to their inability to seize the investment, which Saarland’s Prime Minister, Anke Rellinger (SPD) considered. already suffering.

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