Cruises in the Caribbean and Latin America

Cruises in the Caribbean and Latin America

The globe is a huge field for tourist exploration. Each corner is beautiful in its own way, unlike the others. Sea cruises in South America reputable casinos not on gamstop are a storehouse of positive emotions, incredible impressions and vivid leisure every minute of the trip.

South America is a beautiful and mysterious continent, where travelers will find exotic, cultural heritage and architectural monuments of ancient civilizations. There is a large Russian-speaking population here, and local parades and mass celebrations amaze the imagination of Europeans who are accustomed to more restrained leisure.

If you like a leisurely vacation and unity with yourself and loved ones, choose the sunny beaches of Brazil. Do you love vibrant nature? Enjoy the incredible sunsets and jungles of Chile. And if you enjoy exploring the grandeur of ancient civilizations, take an excursion to Peru and Ecuador, where you can see the ruins of the pyramids and settlements.

Features of cruises around South America

Cruises in Latin America are suitable for everyone, without exception. A pleasant and interesting vacation in the seas and ports of the continent will appeal to couples in love, noisy groups of friends, families with children and independent travelers looking for adventure.

Features of South American tours:

Unique exoticism. South America is famous for its smiling people, vibrant cities and nature. This area is strikingly different from the culture of other parts of the world.
Interesting routes. On the cruise, you can get from the warm shores to the Chilean glaciers. And from the world of ice to be on Tierra del Fuego. This is a huge and fabulous journey.
Rich culture. The southern continent begins world history with the invasion of the conquistadors. There is not much information about more ancient civilizations, but even these grains are captivating and fascinating.
Memories for a lifetime. Local food, souvenirs, beaches, infrastructure will give you vivid emotions that will stay with you forever.
The largest cruise companies in the world take care of the comfort and pleasure of passengers. The tour is safe and memorable for many years.

What ports do cruises in Latin America depart from?

Cruises to South America start from:

  • Miami, San Diego (USA);
  • Bridgetown (Barbados);
  • Buenos Aires, Ushuaia (Argentina);
  • Rio de Janeiro, Santos (Brazil);
  • Lima (Peru);
  • Valparaiso (Chile).

The starting point depends on several factors: the chosen company non uk casinos accepting uk players and route, the season, the duration of the trip. The city of the start of the cruise is announced in advance, even at the stage of booking tickets.

Best time to go on a South America cruise

Latin America is a huge continent. It has the wettest climate on the planet, and the climate differs at different points. Timing for a cruise around South America is recommended along the itinerary

The main part of the mainland has a tropical and subtropical climate. In some regions, the climate is temperate and equatorial. The Amazonian mainland has the highest humidity combined with an equatorial climate.

The plains of the continent are more favorable to humans in terms of climate. It is drier here, the air temperature is kept within the range of 20-28 degrees Celsius all year round.

The southernmost part of the continent is much colder. The average air temperature in the south of Latin America is 10-18 degrees Celsius. In Patagonia in winter, the temperature drops to 0 degrees.

Autumn and spring are considered the best time to travel. It can be pretty cool on the mainland in winter. If you hate the heat, but want to experience the amazing local culture, this is a great opportunity.

Attractions of sea cruises in Latin America

The territory of the continent is strewn with interesting locations, parks, gardens, architectural monuments and modern urbanism.

What to see in South America:

Statue of Jesus Christ. This is one of the most famous landmarks in Rio de Janeiro. The huge statue is an interesting monument and just a beautiful location.

Traditional dishes. Latin America is full of foods and plants that are unusual for a European. The local cuisine is amazing, unusual.

Relax on the beach of Capacabana. This is a popular tourist destination with a well-thought-out infrastructure for good rest and entertainment.

Jungle walks and swimming with crocodiles. The Amazon is a wild and dangerous place. If you like extreme sports, the guides will help you visit the most remote and impassable places, and return home unharmed.

Chilean fjords. Picturesque seascapes with chic architecture.

Tourists are also offered excursions to ancient settlements, shopping and walks. There is always something to see in South America, even if you visit the continent dozens of times.

Benefits of buying a South America cruise

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