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If you are aware of it The Visa It is the only document that will allow you to enter the United States and you have decided to apply for it, in principle, you should know that the process begins with filling in The .

more information: More than 300 attractions and 16 regions already have the “Safe Travel” stamp.

But what does the DS-160 look like? Such as Embassy of the United States of America in our country, As the first step to applying for a nonimmigrant visa, you must complete this form Or request with all the required data.

According to the consulate’s own calculations It can take up to 90 minutes to fill out Form DS-160 This is done by default through the link provided by the center Consulate Electronic Applications (CCAE), which is the official website to start visa procedures.

What data is required in the DS-160?

First of all, fill out a file Most fields on the DS-160 form are required. Only those who say “optional” can be left blank and some can be filled in with the “does not apply” option, in case the information in this field does not apply to your case.

All other required data must be filled in because, other than that, The app will not allow you to apply if the boxes marked as mandatory are empty. If this happens, an error message will be displayed and you will have to answer these boxes to continue with the following questions.

With regard to the information to be requested, both in “Individuals 1” and in “Individuals 2”, all The requested data will be linked to your personal data Such as their surnames and names, nationality, and DNI number, among other information.

Then you must report the reasons and motives for your trip, your passport information, information about your family, work, and studies, among other information related to your trip.

Initial steps

Before you start filling out the form, you should know that although a file shown in english, You will be able to select Change language to Spanish by clicking on the tab that appears on the top right. And when you move the cursor to each paragraph to be read, the text translated into Spanish will appear.

After reading the informational instructions, you will need to select your country, in which case you will have to click on Peru and enter the multi-digit security code (captcha) that will appear on the screen.

Also, before you start filling out your application, you will have the option to check if your photo meets the required requirements. To apply for a visa. In this case, the photo must be in color and have a size of 2.2 cm by 3.5 cm.

To start filling out your application, you must click “start an application”. In the new window you must click “I agree” To accept the terms and conditions related to computer abuse and fraud.

It is recommended – as indicated by the Embassy – that you write down the application code that will appear, along with the date of the day you complete the process, in the upper right corner of the screen under the title “Your application ID is”.

Choose a security question and after typing the answer, you can click Continue. Only then can you begin filling out Form DS-160. When you’re done, you’ll have to Print the confirmation sheet that contains the barcode. But, if your application is for more than one person, you will have to print the sheet of both applicants.

It is recommended, as indicated in the form itself, that the applicant record the information he or she completes because the site is deactivated if it detects inactivity in filling out the application for a period of 20 minutes.

After completing Form DS-160, you must request an appointment to complete the visa process. You will need a username and password. (Photo: Andina)

Management on CITA

With the confirmation sheet printed, on the website of You can request an appointment to meet you at the embassy.

For this, you will need to create a user account. They will ask for your first and last name, an email and a password of at least eight characters.

When you create your account, in the new window, choose the appropriate visa category, locate DHL where you want to collect your passport with the visa after the interview, pay the visa fee (MRV payment) – which is currently $160 – and make your appointment.

for the purpose of Set your appointment at the consular section You will need your valid and previous passports (if you have them), as well as the DS-160 confirmation sheet barcode for each applicant.

After attending the appointment at the Consular Section, follow the specific instructions indicated or (with your email and password) to know your visa status and document delivery information.

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