Denis Villeneuve liked Steven Spielberg’s most personal films

Denis Villeneuve liked Steven Spielberg’s most personal films

Fabelmans raised the number of nominations to Oscar From Steven Spielberg throughout his prolific career to a whopping 23, of which he won 3 times and has 3 times pending, that of the same movie.

veteran exit At the end of 2022 – in the US – he released this semi-autobiographical film that is not only a love letter to his parents, but also shows his passion and affection for the seventh art.

Steven Spielberg is one of the directors whose films have inspired other filmmakers to enter the world of cinema, as the director of RRR admitted, Your Highness Rajamoulia few weeks ago.

Another director who has drunk from Spielberg’s cinema is Denis Villeneuve, who had previously seen The Fabelmans and had only good words for the last film. film by Steven Spielberg.

Denis Villeneuve surrenders to the new Steven Spielberg

Film director like DuneArrival or Blade Runner 2049, featured at DGA (trans The world of pulleys) that Steven Spielberg’s movie animated it.

The Fabelmans is the best movie ever made about the power of cinema. It’s a miracle. To say this movie moved me deeply is an understatement. It is an act of pure artistic generosity by one of the greatest filmmakers of our time.“.

Denis Villeneuve in full post-production Dunes – Part Two, which, if there is no delay, will be released at the end of the year. And the director has shown his talent in science fiction, adapting the novel with it Frank Herbert It is his masterpiece.

For his part, Steven Spielberg will know in a few weeks if The Fabelmans won in any of the three Oscar categories of his choice.

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