Deontay Wilder’s Eerie Behaviour Blows Open WBC Showdown

Deontay Wilder’s Eerie Behaviour Blows Open WBC Showdown

It took 16 months but finally, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were in the same room together again after their blockbuster showdown in February 2020. It should be said that a large majority of the international boxing community didn’t think the day would ever come when the two faced off again in a pre-fight press conference. But thanks to Wilder’s persistence in the courts, the day did eventually arrive.

Wilder’s legal challengers have paid dividends after a US court ruled that Fury has to fight the Alabama native before he fights Anthony Joshua. It was a judgment that wasn’t met with universal elation given that it has prevented the fight of the century from taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Looking back at the time of the announcement, the immediate reaction was that a third bout between Fury and Wilder did seem somewhat like a damp squib after Fury comprehensively beat Wilder in early 2020. The overriding feeling amongst fight fans was unequivocal – Fury had very little left to prove after the gulf in class had been so spectacularly exposed for all to see.

Did Wilder Really Get What He Was After?

Wilder’s motives for wanting a third fight were also questioned and there was a suspicion that his bluff had been called when Fury’s camp didn’t offer the 35-year-old a substantial cheque in order to step aside. There were rumors that Fury and Joshua were prepared to part with as much as $10 million if Wilder received a favorable court ruling so that they didn’t have to cancel their mega-fight in the Middle East.

That may sound like an extraordinary amount of money, but one has to take into account that Fury and Joshua were set to split a fee of $150 million, with 60% going to the eventual winner. In reality, it would have been a nominal fee for those involved and it was highly likely that the Saudis would have footed the bill. But, to everyone’s surprise, Joshua looks set to fight Andy Ruiz Jr, as details here, whilst Fury has indicated he is more than happy to head west to Las Vegas to fight Wilder.

That may have shocked Wilder more than anyone. But let’s say for a minute that the former WBC champion was indeed desperate to fight Fury once more and wasn’t interested in a lucrative step aside payday, could he realistically upset Fury?

The energy for @Tyson_Fury and Deontay Wilder’s entrances were drastically different #FuryWilder3

— ESPN Ringside (@ESPNRingside) June 15, 2021

Anyone who witnessed their face-off on June 15th would have been left with the impression that Wilder is more focused than he’s ever been. The 35-year-old only spoke to thank his legal team and then put his headphones on for the remainder of the press conference. Fury tried everything he could to get a response but Wilder didn’t flinch.

INTENSE 😳@Tyson_Fury and Deontay Wilder stared each other down for five plus minutes without saying a word. (via @TRBoxing)

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) June 15, 2021

Wilder’s detractors might call his conduct immature or unprofessional, but the truth is, it was unquestionably eerie. Deep down Fury wouldn’t have enjoyed it and his fans would have been left unsure as to what to make of it all.

Wilder Is Still a Dangerous Man

If anything, it has sowed a seed of doubt that wasn’t there before with fans pondering if the unthinkable could indeed happen. Perhaps there is also a concern that Fury cuts the figure of a man that is getting the very most out of life at present. The big heavyweight doesn’t appear to have a care in the world, which suggests that there may be a worrying air of complacency in his attitude in the lead-up to their July showdown.

Heavyweight boxing is an unpredictable game, as explained by about understanding boxing betting odds to get a clearer picture of what might happen if it looks like there is only going to be one winner. One of the exciting things about betting on boxing is it only takes one surprise punch for an unfancied boxer to win and Wilder is a man with unquestionable knockout power. With this in mind, and after his low-key performance at the press conference, there will be many punters backing Wilder to sensationally knock Fury out when the two meet in Vegas.

Unsurprisingly, Fury is promising to do just that, which in many ways, was a return to the normal direction of travel during any pre-fight face-off between two fighters. Revealingly, the Englishman has said that he is trying to get his weight up to 300lbs in order to have the power to administer a one-punch knockout.

Admittedly, that isn’t an attribute that Fury has been famed for over the course of his career. Fury’s trainer, SugarHill Steward, confirmed their strategy and, considering how dominant Fury was 16 months ago against Wilder at just 273lbs, it does seem like a heavier Fury will be a challenge.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder met in a tense press conference before their trilogy fight this summer… 🍿

— Sky Sports Boxing (@SkySportsBoxing) June 16, 2021

With one boxer promising so much and the other one not speaking at all, it’s hard to know what might happen on the night of the 24th of July. But as things stand, this doesn’t feel like this is a fight that will go past the fifth round. Someone is getting knocked out early, but who?

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