Alfredo Campo has settled in the United States since he was 16 to realize his Olympic dream


Alfredo Campo He left Ecuador at the age of 16, to settle in Florida, United States, in order to improve his technique of athletic preparation. cyclist ranked in BMX semi-finals at the Tokyo 2020 GamesHe wants a medal to finish his successful Olympics.

“It’s time! I carry Ecuador in my heart, my shield on my oil and 593 engraved on a bicycle 17 million Ecuadoreans. Campo has posted on his Twitter account, prior to his debut in Tokyo.

Your intention is to close Olympics With a new medal. He started his career with a gold medal at the 2017 Bolivarian Games, repeated his feat at the 2018 South American Games and was certified as the best on the continent, with the championship at the 2019 Pan American Games.

He is excited. Remember how you left home at 16 to work and settles in the United StatesIn search of his dream on the bike.

β€œWhen I was 14, I told my teachers that I wanted to be a BMX racer and They mocked. I never gave up, I left my home to 16 years and went to live in the United States, Because there is evidence to help me develop as an athlete. I worked day and night until my dreams came true,” he said.

To reach the semi-finals in Tokyo, the athlete from Cuenca had to beat a Fall into the first heat. He managed to bounce back in the next two matches and is now hoping to improve his performance in the three semi-final rounds.

It’s a rematch in their first matches -in Rio 2016- He had to give up the race due to a fall. He did not want to repeat history. He recovered with his determination, despite the physical discomfort and was graded to a new state

2019 was his best sporting year, but competitions are suspended due to covid-19, The following year, they discouraged him. He felt that his effort had been weakened External factors to prepare it.

However, he won the silver medal in the tournament US National BMX, Held in Florida, it gave him hope after eight months of deadlock. The semi-final matches are scheduled to take place in Tokyo on July 29, 2021, at 20:00 Ecuador time.

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