US and Iran show distrust of nuclear discussions


“We are committed to diplomacy, but this process cannot continue indefinitely,” the head of US diplomacy said on a visit to Kuwait, which “the ball is still in Iran’s court.”

Thus, Blinken referred to the negotiations that have taken place in Vienna since the beginning of last April for the United States to return to the agreement reached in 2015 to put limits on the Iranian nuclear program.

Talks appear to be on hold until Rouhani’s term ends in early August. The current president is due to hand over power next week to Governor Ibrahim Raisi, who won the June presidential election.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, on Wednesday, that the outgoing government’s experience in its dealings with world powers, including the United States, shows that “reliance on the West is futile.”

“Future generations should benefit from this experience,” Khamenei told Rouhani and members of his government, according to the Supreme Leader’s website, “It became clear during this government that relying on the West does not work.”

“They are not helping us. They are the enemy after all,” Khamenei added, referring to problems during negotiations with Western countries, especially with the United States.

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