“Despite the false news, the INE promoted the exercise,” says Lorenzo Cordova-El Financiero.

“Despite the false news, the INE promoted the exercise,” says Lorenzo Cordova-El Financiero.

After the stage of organization and publication, the National Electoral Institute is ready for a model day of popular consultations, as announced by its President, Chancellor Lorenzo Cordova Vianello, this Sunday during the opening of the extraordinary session.

He stressed that 57 thousand reception tables were installed today, with a capacity of 2000 people, and that private cabins were not installed due to lack of resources.

He added that more than 93.6 million polling cards were printed and the consultation was published until July 15, by order of the legislative authority by electronic means, a portal that received, until yesterday, 441,000 visits, a media session, a bulletin and an interview.

“Despite this false news (regarding the fact that the INE did not publish the exercise) consultations have been organized and promoted, and we are ready for the perfect day.”

He noted that the consultation is “unprecedented”, being the first to be carried out in accordance with the law, and the first to guarantee the right of all Mexicans to express an opinion.

He noted that it had been proposed by the Executive, and that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) had upheld its constitutionality, but rewrote the question.

“It is not for the National Election Institute to decide on the issue presented for consultation or its scope, what is consistent with us is that it has all the necessary legal foundations,” he said.

He explained that in this process, 40,000 electoral observers were registered, and he called on voters to participate in the exercise in which he emphasized ensuring health procedures.

He also thanked all the institutions and citizens who participated in this organization.

“From now on, I express my gratitude to the public, especially to the hundreds of thousands who have once again accepted to serve as officials at opinion tables (…), showing that nationality has once again taken over the public consultation,” he said.

Before the inauguration of the Extraordinary Session, which would be permanent, the members of the General Council led a civic ceremony to open the Day of People’s Consultation.

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