Diego Boneta was caught making a reference to Alexis Vega’s wife during the Battle of Canillo

Diego Boneta was caught making a reference to Alexis Vega’s wife during the Battle of Canillo

Diego Boneta His fame increased when he played the title role Luis Miguel In the Netflix series of the same name. The actor even said he had to go to therapy to separate himself from the character.

In the Luis Miguel series, Boneta starred in “El Sol” and went through hard characterization work to give life to the character, which has so far been one of the biggest challenges of his career.

She gave the series great appreciation to Diego Boneta, who have already appeared in films in the United States and jumped into the artistic world after participating in Código FAMA and later ventured into the world of soap operas with Rebelde.

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Among other celebrities, the actor attended the fight Saul “El Canelo Alvarez against John Ryder, which took place this past Saturday at Akron Stadium. There he met a football player Alexis Vega who came with his wife.

Alexis Vega with Canelo Alvarez – Photo: Exclusive

A video showing Alexis Vega asking Diego Boneta for a picture of his wife sparked controversy on social media. There are those who compare the position of the Mexican actor to that of Luis Miguel, the character he played in the Netflix series of the same name.

It is noted in the scene that soccer player Alexis Vega asks Diego Boneta, who is a few rows of seats away, if he offers him a picture with his wife, which he points to.

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Diego, can you give me a picture with my wife? Listen to the soccer player’s question.

The actor stands in the distance and smiles without much effort to move from his seat, while Alex Vega’s wife sits on one of the chairs to try and get a good angle at the actor. After completing the photo, Diego Boneta agrees.

The video, which the influencer Ana Kristian Rey shared on Twitter, sparked multiple reactions on social networks. As well as comparisons of the actor with Luis Miguel.

“What a shame to take a picture like that from afar”; “He thought he was Luis Miguel on the ground”; “Like if you also feel uncomfortable with this video”; “Diego is more a sucker than Luis Miguel”; “Maybe he thought it was Luis Miguel.”

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