Do you know the traditional medicine that is made in Latin America? – Khalaba newspaper

Do you know the traditional medicine that is made in Latin America?  – Khalaba newspaper

The University of Veracruz (UV) will host Latin American Congress of Medicinal Plants (Coplamed)which from September 7 to 11 will bring together specialists in traditional medicine, and will make room for the combination of two worlds: Information and culture of traditional medicine, and current scientific research that allows the safe use of plant medicine.

Leticia Cano Acele, from the Center for Tropical UV Research and chair of the conference’s organizing committee, noted that the Latin American Society of Medicinal Plants is also involved in the preparations.

The researcher explained that Coplamed is an academic scientific event that is held annually and in its previous versions hosted by universities in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, and this year coincides for the first time in Mexico and in, in recognition of its standing, UV was chosen to host works that include major conferences and public conferences, in addition to workshops Pre-conference and educational trips.

Participating specialists will exchange experiences, exchange ideas, present scientific and technological developments in research and applications of medicinal plants, and seek to encourage young scientists in training (undergraduate, masters and doctoral students) to continue researching the use and properties of the same.

The topics to be developed are those related to ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology; Phytochemistry and biological activity. advanced analytical methodologies and techniques applied to natural products; Question and Answer ; Biotechnology applied to genetic improvement; Omics application for obtaining biologically active principles from medicinal plants; Therapeutic applications, preclinical and clinical trials. genetic resources; Biotrade and sustainable local development.

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