Dreams of Mars: A witty, sci-fi, heart-wrenching romantic comedy

Dreams of Mars: A witty, sci-fi, heart-wrenching romantic comedy

Mars dreams (moon shots / 2022). direction: Chris Winterbauer. Movie script: Max Taxi. Photography: Brendan Yoga. Release: Harry Jerjian. a musician: David Bowman. spit: Lana Condor, Cole Sprouse, Zach Braff, Mason Gooding, Emily Rudd. Available in: HBOMax. We saw: good.

With science fiction and romantic comedy intersecting as a driver, Mars dreams It hints, first and foremost, of how complex it can be for two misunderstood young men to adapt to a world in which they feel ostracized.. Walt (Cole Sprouse) works as a barista, has little contact with his mother and doesn’t find it particularly easy to form bonds due to a social phobia that doesn’t load inks around but that constantly flies over the character. The only thing that keeps him away from the crazy crowds and makes him escape from a bleak reality is the possibility of traveling to Mars. So, year after year, he strives to create a video that he – for which he’s been turned down – into a program designed by entrepreneur Leon Covey. (Zach Braff, in successful intervention) To finally begin lowering the arms The year 2049, the year in which the events of the film take place.

As in any romantic comedy, Chris Winterbauer’s film does not escape tradition nice meeting – The sweet casual meeting of the leading couple – and this is how Walt, at a party and without intention, begins a hasty conversation with Sophie (Lana Condor), A young woman with a promising future in science has a boyfriend on Mars in particular. Cunning and persistent, Walt sets out to befriend her, initially to find a way to travel illegally. The plan works with reservations and within the confines of the film genre: the young man evades security controls and manages to enter the ship without permission, but with Sophie as an indirect partner.

Divided into three small articles, Mars dreams The second and best part of the work is devoted to 35 days in which the protagonists of the novel remain in space, getting to know each other by imposition, until finally a real relationship is established between them, Where their weaknesses are acknowledged in a context in which they are suspended and separated from those realities that are difficult for them to confront. In this section of the movie – with a very good theatrical representation and a clear imprint indieIt is where screenwriter Max Taxes spotlights Sophie, who is orphaned as a pre-teen and then adopted by a kind but somewhat distant family from what the young woman wants for her future. Condor, who achieved notoriety with Epic To all the boys I’ve ever loved, appears in Mars dreams Another aspect, and offers a more mature performance than that in which the story of the roses prevailed.

Although this feature film also contains romantic scenes, its director tries to make those moments choppy and subtle, as if the true heart of his work is elsewhere and at another pace. in this way, The movie becomes grainy as its heroes reunite on their condition strangers.

Dreams of Mars is available on HBO Maxhbo max

The contrast between the advanced young woman who aspires to go to Mars to be with her partner and family – and possibly work there – is unexpected the companion He who longs for something interesting to tell the world has done well, and owes a lot to him The chemistry between Condor and Sprouse, already an expert on movies coming of age, As already shown in the series Riverdale And in the movie two meters from you.

As we can glimpse Map of perfect moments By Ian Samuels (Available on Amazon Prime Video), Mars dreams Science fiction is animated by a youthful approach that is slowly becoming more somber. In this case, the two characters’ pasts are revisited with sad scenes that endorse Winterbauer’s original goal: to use that trip to Mars as a symbol of something else, from needing to wake up from inactivity to finding the true identity upon being noticed. by a third. who – which Less fun and more muted tone It’s what lends character to a movie that could easily have fallen into cliched formats.

where do you see it Mars dreams Available on HBO Max.

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