Economics, Business, and Virtual Reality: What Patricia Bullrich Is Doing in the United States

Economics, Business, and Virtual Reality: What Patricia Bullrich Is Doing in the United States

San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Chicago. A week-long tour of four cities in United State And with meetings ranging from technological innovation to academia, and from politics to research centersFrom economy to youth, this is the agenda of the PRO chief, Patricia Bullrich.

She had already arranged several meetings on her trips when she was Minister of Security, but the visit in no way lasted for long or was very varied. with this tour Bullrich confirms his intention to fight for the presidency.

Somehow, this trip “An answer to those who intend to establish that he will accept the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires to grant Horacio Rodríguez Laretta freedom of action”they said the historian from your environment.

The agenda has been prepared by Albert Forrig (who accompanies him on the tour), the former Administrative Secretary of the Ministry located on Gili and Opus Streets; former deputy Cornelia Schmidt Lermannthe former chair of the G-20 committee in which Bullrich worked in the field of security, Adriana La Forgia. She explained that the three constituted an impressive thematic diversity, allowing the PRO chief “a view of what is being discussed in the world.”

On Monday, Patricia began holding meetings in Cisco and in Facebook (today dead), two of the big companies based in Silicon Valley, where they even experimented with an immersive virtual reality system.

On Tuesday, already in New York, he held meetings with professors from the Department of Economics at Columbia University where he met the former head of AFIP, Leandro Cucioli. Besides, he was seen with American investorsincluding a visit to the headquarters JP Morganto arrive at night with dinner with Tom SargeA Nobel laureate in economics, he researched the phenomenon of inflation.

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Looking to 2023, Rodriguez Laretta will host a summit with other presidential candidates

On Wednesday, back in Washington, D.C., he plunged into politics, holding meetings at the State Department, the Treasury, and Woodrow Wilson center. Thursday with the Chamber of Commerce that brings together businessmen already investing in Argentina and later with members of the Council of the Americas, to conclude the day with a meeting with the White House National Security Adviser, John Gonzalezthe official who traveled to Argentina where he met the President Alberto Fernandezand your team members.

On Friday, finally in Chicago, to participate in the conference ‘Impossible Talks to Possible Argentina’ To be held at Kellogs School Northwestern University, organized by young Argentines studying in the United States who have met since 2016 in a non-profit association. Masters Argentina is dedicated to “bringing together a diverse community that jointly reflects the challenges our country faces and finds springboards for action,” as described on its website.

His last activity on Saturday will be at the University of Chicago, where he will meet with James Heckman, a Nobel laureate in economics for his contributions to human capital.

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