Ecozine opens its 16th edition with the Uruguayan film “Bosco”

Ecozine opens its 16th edition with the Uruguayan film “Bosco”
Ecozine opens its 16th edition with the Uruguayan film “Bosco”

Zaragoza. Spain, Ikuzen Film Festival; 04.11.2023. – Opening of the Ecozine Film Festival at Filmoteca de Zaragoza by festival director Pedro Piñeiro and actress Irene Alquezar. Photo: Juan Carlos Rojas


/ By Adela McSweeney Gonzalez /

Zaragoza, April 13 (Notstars). – In an invitation to take care of the wonderful world we have, today the 16th edition of the Ecozen Film Festival opened with the screening, out of competition, of the Uruguayan film “Bosco”, by the director Alicia Cano Menoni, who from Montevideo wanted great days for a competition showcasing products aimed at caring for the environment.

Bosco is an Italian city of 13, immersed in some chestnut trees that are devouring day after day. The forest origin is also imposed as a destination. An ocean away, in Uruguay, from his Orlando swivel chair, the director’s 103-year-old grandfather invites the viewer on a journey that becomes legend.

“I feel very proud and grateful that ‘Bosco’ is the inaugural film for Ecozine, it’s the first time this has happened to me and for me it’s especially symbolic because it’s a film that spanned 13 years, of very personal searches, and those The dense jungle in which the spectators will drown is a place where I also, from the city of Montevideo, close my eyes.

The Ecozen Film Festival, a standard event on environmental issues and a founding member of the Green Film Network as well as the network of festivals and film screenings recently created in Aragon, presents for this sixteenth edition a new image design and focus on a fantastic world, both on site this year, created by Director Jorge Yetano.

The opening ceremony was attended by Ecozen Director Pedro Pinheiro, Actress Irene Alquezar, Vice-Mayor, and Minister of Culture and External Projection Sara Fernandez, who wished the festival a long life, highlighting the international standard and essential in Spain and Aragon.

“Before becoming a member of the Council, I saw a lot of things from Ecozine, and now I would like to congratulate the whole team on the festival that is essential in Zaragoza, in Aragon, in Spain, and it is very important that it can be present to spread the important message that it carries.”

Also present at the event was the designer of the Vida poster for the 16th edition, Fede Bosch, a design of visual poetry focused on environmental conservation and preservation and establishing a union between what cinema and nature are.

“I had already introduced myself about five years ago, with a very different poster, and this year when I saw the rules of the contest, I wanted to give a very direct message, using a film canister, and embedded inside a pot with a plant springing up, growing, symbolizing life, though Having a wasteland below, the message is one of hope, all is not lost,” he said.

In its 16th edition, the official competitive section contains 34 titles in the categories Feature Documentary (7), Documentary Short (11), Short Fiction (6) and Animated Short Film (10), produced and filmed in France, United States Belgium, Chile, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Poland, Portugal, Iran, Costa Rica, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands and Mexico.

For this 16th edition, more than 550 productions from 40 countries were received and 70 titles from 28 countries were selected.

Image source/courtesy: Juan Carlos Rojas

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