ETECSA Santiago is committed to science and innovation • workers

ETECSA Santiago is committed to science and innovation • workers

Written by Annabel Sanchez Gonzalez, student journalism

Even without fading out the echoes of ExpoAnir Soluciones Cuba¨, the Cuban telecommunications company SA ETECSA held on June 24 the Science, Technology and Innovation Forum of the regional division of Santiago de Cuba, corresponding to 2022.

Participants in the ETECSA Science and Innovation Forum. Pictures: author

This movement to create worker-led solutions arose in December 1980 at the initiative of the undefeated commander in chief Fidel Castro Ruz, to generate effective responses to the country’s resource shortages and economic constraints.

The opening words of the event were given by Lic. Liliana Matos Montoya, Head of General Coordination of ETECSA in the district, which made way for work on the three committees responsible for evaluating the presentations: Business Administration, Investment, Logistics, Transportation and Network Operations.

More than 30 workers presented a set of 25 works with very strong arguments, in which thought and creativity were used to find solutions to an important set of needs of the entity, with the aim of ensuring continuous improvement of the quality of services provided to the entity. customer, efficiency in operations and increased contributions to the national economy.

Several works were distinguished by their quality and level of innovation, the result of which was the selection of 5 relevant papers and many references.

Related in the Science and Innovation Forum.

It is correct to highlight the creation of a new application for phones with the Android operating system. This application will, based on geolocation, provide a consulting service to the users that will allow them to know where they are in real time and the service or procedure they need, which office they are going to, how to get there, the most effective route, like as well as other business data for the same.

Following the award ceremony, Nilberto Perez Kindlan, President of the National Association of Innovators and Mentors in the ETECSA Regional Division, highlighted the need to continue to provide solutions of this level of quality and to redouble efforts in popularizing them with the aim of achieving greater economy. results, maintaining the progress of innovation in the telecommunications sector and realizing the expectations set by the Cuban people and government in the entity.

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