Fannie Areola and ICT authorities agree to promote science and technology from childhood

Fannie Areola and ICT authorities agree to promote science and technology from childhood

Morelia, Michoacan, November 7, 2022. – In order to promote science and technology in children and young people, Deputy Fani Areola Picardo agreed with the Director General of the State Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (ICTI), Alejandra Ochoa Zarzoza, to promote coordinated actions to develop joint activities.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation of the LXXV local legislature noted the need to increase government investment to promote scientific research and technological development.

The local representative of Apatcingan District, acknowledged the efforts of educational institutions in Michoacan, which require more resources to be able to extend the offer to children and youth in different regions, to awaken the interest of minors in this matter since childhood. .

She spoke about promoting affirmative action so that girls and women can participate and participate more in activities related to science and technology, and supporting the legislature to implement strategies for scientific dissemination.

The local representative agreed with the official on the necessity of linking programs and workshops with science in the various municipalities of the state, so that they work on a joint project to bring these procedures closer for the benefit of children and youth.

“We must redouble efforts from all the trenches for the development of science and technology, and from the state Congress we can contribute a lot in the framework of the discussion of the economic package for the fiscal year 2023, and protect this item with greater resources, and betting on it means contributing to having the tools to solve many of the problems we face today “.

He noted that only 58 municipalities in Michoacán have a committee for science, technology and innovation and that most municipalities have not established their councils, which translates into fewer actions in this area.

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