This is how you strengthen your buttocks muscles while doing Pilates

This is how you strengthen your buttocks muscles while doing Pilates

    Almost every time we see Valentina Ferragni training, we’re faced with a new Pilates routine.. The influential It proved to be one of her favorite activities to strengthen her body and keep fit.Next to pole dance We also see him training a lot. So much so that we even saw it Pilates training with her sister Chiara.

    In each of her exercises, usually done with the help of a reformer machine, Valentina reveals to us what she is The exercises that work best to strengthen your body. whether they are Abdominal strengthening exercises Or for example you just now appear Your infallible exercise to tighten the buttocks.

    Valentina Ferragni knows how to strengthen the butt in Pilates

    The influential Share a story Yesterday at the Pilates center where he did his training Today precisely in the studio N Pilates Moscova. “Good morning,” Valentina wrote.

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    Then another rose A video to show him the exercise he does on the reformer machine and helps him show off his big butt:

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    Tips for doing this

    In order for the exercise to be as effective for you as it is for her, we recommend that you observe the following guidelines:

    • Focus on the feet to maintain balance.
    • Don’t move too fast.
    • Download as much as you can to achieve the widest possible range.
    • if possible, It handles the entire course of the exerciseEven if it costs.

      If you find it too difficult at first, you can shorten the course of the exercise to make it easier and increase the difficulty as you progress. finally, Don’t forget to stretch. Being a difficult exercise, it can cause discomfort in some areas of the body, especially the lumbar spine.

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