Fear is the main challenge girls face to get involved in science Grupo Milenio

Fear is the main challenge girls face to get involved in science Grupo Milenio

Ciscoa company providing network solutions defined by Programmingsecurity and the cloud, assert that the main challenge the girls have to venture into STEM jobs (SciencesAnd technologyAnd engineering And mathematics) is fear.

This is a challenge, since Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Organization for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentIt is estimated that by 2030, 80 percent of jobs worldwide will be occupation-related. Yanbu.

Faced with this situation, the company is carrying out the campaign Women in Science and Engineering Latin America (wise), with the aim of contributing to reducing the gender gap in YanbuAs it seeks to inspire girls and adolescents to choose careers related to these fields.

In addition, she implements various activities focused on increasing the number of women appointed to technical positions, retaining talent, and enabling collaborators to successfully achieve their personal and professional goals.

The main challenge women face to develop in Yanbu It is to overcome fear, a feeling that arises from childhood and that causes girls to lose interest in science and technology and in all fields that are socially defined as being restricted to men,” stated the Head of Strategy and Planning for Cisco in latin america and leader WiSE Latam.

WiSE Latam Consider three elements that can be a source of motivation for girls to be interested in careers Yanbu; First, spark their curiosity with experiences, such as visiting museums, doing experiments, taking courses on topics of interest to them, attending talks and events, watching documentaries, or attending exhibitions or science fairs.

This is a way to open a small door to the world of knowledge.

Second, understand that Failure is an opportunity to learnTherefore, removing the negative burden that accompanies it if it is not going well, and inviting the girls to review the reasons and analyze how to improve it will help them understand that it is An opportunity to get more troubleshooting tools in the future.

Third, moving away from stereotypes and paying attention to the discourse, because as the message changes, so will the girls’ way of thinking, so avoid belittling them and limiting their abilities just because they are women, and presenting them with success stories. Pushing them to follow their dreams is important.


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