Fernanda Pinahrera, from Quito, traveled to Africa to volunteer

Fernanda Pinahrera, from Quito, traveled to Africa to volunteer

she is Fernanda PinheirraAnd, at the age of twenty, he had already left unforgettable traces on a continent foreign to his own.

In January 2020, the Ecuadorean made a trip to Africa To begin what would become his mission in life: to help those who need it most.

visited kenya and uganda, Countries marked by extreme poverty, it was there that his volunteering in several orphanages made him design his organization “subi” whose name bears a special meaning.

“It was Christmas, I spent there in Uganda, children from the orphanage, the owner of the orphanage was giving a speech and they were giving up a lot already, that they were leaving and that I arrived and it was like a light of hope.”

Getting used to the conditions there was not at all easy, but her invitation and virtual support from her family kept her up.

Do your job in Through local organizations But also, through the Instagram of his subi project, he was able to direct aid to dozens of African children and even build a school in a rural area of ​​Uganda.

Additionally, it directs community leaders to start their own business.

Currently, he is in Jordan, where he continues to help more people, and he will return to his land soon, Ecuador, where he intends to formalize his subsidiary organization.

In the midst of her social work, Fernanda also takes time to study two remote university degrees, and says that to help others, it’s enough to look to extremes, organize, make some adjustments, and decide to change lives in a world full of inequality.

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