Flight to the Moon postponed due to space suit design – Science – Life

Flight to the Moon postponed due to space suit design – Science – Life

the Artemis program NASA is seeking to return to the moon. This time he will count a woman among his crew and will also use new technology and innovative systems to explore this satellite, as never before. But the projected timeline for 2024 is now in doubt due to delays in developing the spacesuit you will use astronauts in this task.

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AUD Report of NASA He says that “the suits will not be ready to fly until April 2025 at the earliest,” due to a nearly 20-month delay in delivery of the planned design, verification and testing suit, two qualification suits, one illustrative suit of International Space Station (ISS) and two lunar flight suits.

The delays, according to the report, are attributable to a lack of funding and the effects of COVID-19 and technical challenges. “Given these anticipated delays in the development of space suitA lunar landing in late 2024, as NASA currently plans, is not possible,” the document says.

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But the delay in lawsuits is not the only factor affecting the ability of the current calendar to return to the moon. Other scrutiny has identified significant delays in other core lunar landing programs, such as the rocket’s Space Launch System and Orion capsule.

“In addition, delays related to the development of the lunar lander and the protests recently passed over the award of a landing contract will prevent landings in 2024,” the document says.

Elon Musk show

Billionaire Michael Sheetz posted the report on Twitter Elon Musk He replied that “SpaceX can do that if necessary.”

The company you created musk He has already developed suits for astronauts traveling in Dragon Crew to the International Space Station, but the suits required for a mission to the Moon are more complicated.

The suits used by astronauts aboard the International Space Station 45 years ago were designed for the space shuttle, the report details, and while there have been some improvements to those over the years, NASA began work on three new development programs for spacesuits in 2007.

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The inspector general document also notes that NASA has been developing next-generation spacesuit technology for the past 14 years, and 5 years ago created a project known as Expeditionary Vehicle Mobility Modules (EXVM).xEMU) that will support astronauts on the International Space Station and
During future Artemis missions on the Gateway and during a lunar landing using the Human Landing System (HLS).

“In 2017, we reported that despite spending nearly $200 million (dollars) on
Developing Extravehicular Spacesuits Over a period of 9 years, the agency was years away from having a spacesuit ready to fly for use on exploration missions. Since our 2017 report on
In the spacesuit development effort, NASA spent an additional $220 million, totaling $420 million, and it took about 4 years before xEMU was ready to fly.

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