Follow the path of science in alliance with innovation

Follow the path of science in alliance with innovation

Graduated economist of the Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas, who defended her Ph. the National.

A delicate moment for Dr. María del Carmen Velasco Gómez to recall the founding background of other organizations, which, over the years, has given her the satisfaction of contributing, with her entire team, to the various contributions to the province.

International Workers’ Day is approaching and indicates the gift of presenting the status of the national vanguard so far to two groups affiliated with the Confederation of Education, Science and Sports: the Center for Biochemical Activities (CBQ) of the Central University “Marta “Abreu” of Las Villas and the Center for Environmental Studies and Services (CESAM), although Addition of others who also contribute to scientific findings from other guilds.

“I think they are valid contributions to the central slogan that will preside over the May Day festivities Let us give our hands and our hearts home. This is how we set the provincial law for the 20th anniversary of CITMA in the memorial to action against the armored train, with the participation of the workers of the branch, the two universities located in the territory and the scientific entities that have contributed the most to this period, and there was no shortage of ANIR, the Science and Technology Forum , and BTJ, and all those working for CESAM, at least those who work in Santa Clara because it also has offices in Caibarien and Isabela de Sagua.”

The program also took into account the awarding of the Juan Tomás Roig order to dedicated persons who have spent 20 and 25 consecutive years in the sector, as well as the recognition of centers that have contributed to the achievement of results over a period of 29 years, and the awarding of prizes to the Alfredo Nieto Dubico Science Journalism Competition.

Contributions to Villa Clara

In her view, Dr. Velasco Gómez considers that the organization has always been associated with science, innovation and environmental protection; However, it has the highest responsibility for leading, coordinating, and ensuring that each entity identifies those current problems and seeks knowledge-based solutions.

And he stops at the concept of innovation that “is not an invention, but rather finding an end to the most complex problems in the sources of knowledge, with a view that goes beyond the exclusive vision of universities, because the movement of the Forum, ANIR, BTJ or existing experts in the village can be used.”

One of the strengths is the Technical Advisory Committee (CTA) that exists and advises the Governor and the Regional Council of People’s Power, with multiple suggestions on different objectives.

“I cannot say the same about all municipalities, because the mayors still need to understand the specialists and go to the specialists for advice, as well as the organizations that need to be formed.”

In this long and demanding path of wisdom and understanding, there are organizations that have an enhanced system of work, as in education, health and tourism, without failing to realize that they can be improved.

“One of the commitments for this year is that all the CTAs of each municipality and the entities influencing the production of Villa Clara are examples of operation and contributions to solutions,” considers María del Carmen Velasco.

Human capital goes beyond the work of 22 academics who have been integrated into the eight strategic development lines defined by the Region, which have achieved 141 results; Of these, 72 contribute to innovation, and others will be applied.

According to the CITMA Regional Delegate’s vision, there is more. «You have to focus on previous awards and results that are sometimes forgotten and we are inconsistent, and in food production we must be very innovative in the directions of the concerned organisms, which must learn to search for alternatives to achieve effective and tangible transformations in the city. This is not evident in some organizations and municipalities, cracks that encourage more action.

You look into the future

For 2023, agendas should include challenges and goals set by all organizations with CTA experts.

No one doubts that it is science transformed into innovation that decides the development of any area, and the potential of Villa Clara offers opportunities to turn aspirations into reality in the face of current scientific and institutional wealth.

“The mission of Villa Clara is to open paths so that scientific research has space in every process in facing the fundamental problems of food, water supply, waste disposal, transportation and housing, although they are not the only ones.”

With regard to environmental pollution, it continues as an Achilles’ heel, the most acute problem among those who are registered and it is the responsibility of organizations to comply with regulations set in a process that communities must join in the face of many social communities. Lack of discipline.

Environmental performance also includes an element that is not always well understood, and it will be necessary to move towards a circular economy, which is mentioned a lot but has a greater dimension. This includes the rationale that rather than waste, waste is incorporated into new production cycles during the production of raw materials, which is why it is essential to understand and multiply it.

(photo: taken from CMHW)

One detail that deserves attention is corporate financing and what it allocates to science, technology and innovation activities, given that not all of them walk at the same time and there are many walking on a tightrope.

It will be necessary to continue to carry out the mission of life in the coastal zone and to take care of the rural communities according to the conditions of the country.

Messages for some and for others

At the end of her talk, Dr. María del Carmen Velasco expressed a message for the men and women of Villa Clara who embrace science and contribute to its successes.

CITMA allowed him to interpret many concepts and think without restrictions because he defends the view that those obstacles that are created limit thinking in the search for new ideas and scientific results.

He said, “I feel happy to have a professional, revolutionary, and bold scientific community ready to accompany this country in the transformations we need.” I congratulate them on their new anniversary and thank them from the highest professor to the last workers who are such an essential part of our society.

“Life and performance have allowed me to see CBQ and IBP for export, INIVIT making the transitions, the sugarcane research plant (ETICA) in ongoing research, the development already made by Interface SA, or the proposal for an industrial science park that shows promise.

«A special mention to the group of the Regional Electromedicine Center that works wonders with medical equipment and tools for our health, and that there is also the practice of science with innovation. For all of them, and for so many, I have to feel very grateful to that community.

General satisfaction?

– impossible. To those who did not understand the need for transformations and the importance of applying science with innovation, I say: Hurry up, you will be left behind because it is the only way to move forward. There is no other poor country blocked by economic boom, so the formula or mechanism is to be more powerful than available resources and turn talent and intelligence into products and services.

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