Global Covid-19 cases are declining for the second week in a row

Global Covid-19 cases are declining for the second week in a row

3.6 million global cases COVID-19 In the week of September 13-19, they represented a 9% decrease compared to the previous seven days, marking the second consecutive week of decline globally. World Health Organization (WHO).

And the deaths in the same period amounted to 59 thousand, which is 7% less, so last week was the fourth consecutive decrease in deaths, according to the agency in its latest epidemiological report.

In this regard, the World Health Organization also warns that the delta variant, the main and most contagious cause of the wave of COVID-19 recorded in recent months on the planet, is already present in 90% of global cases, according to the monitoring that is being conducted. Exiting the coronavirus genome through the GISAID initiative.

globally, The pandemic has affected 228 million people so farOf them, 4.6 million died.

By region, only Africa recorded an increase in cases last week, at 4%, while the largest decreases were recorded in the Middle East (22%), South Asia (16%) and East Asia (11%).

In Europe and America, where it still exceeds 1 million cases per week on each of those two continents, the decline was 4% and 7% lower, respectively.

In the backlog since the beginning of the health crisis, America remains the hardest-hit region, with 87 million cases, followed by Europe (68 million), South Asia (42 million) and the Middle East (15 million).

With regard to deaths by region, the situation last week varied significantly according to different latitudes: their number increased in East Asia by 7% (with 6,800 deaths) and Europe (1%, 14,000 deaths), but decreased in the rest of the world. .

In South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the decrease in deaths exceeded 20% compared to the previous week, while in America it was more modest, 2% (however it is the region with the highest number of deaths, 24,000 in the seven days studied).

Regarding the vaccination campaign, according to the figures of the National Health Networks, 6000 million doses have already been exceeded, and 43.7% of the world’s population have received at least one.

Global vaccination is advancing at a rate of 28 million new doses given each day, although it is not yet at the required rate in low-income countries, where only 2% of people have received at least one dose.

With information from EFE.


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