Google Sopela connects the United Kingdom and the United States

Google Sopela connects the United Kingdom and the United States

On Thursday, representatives of Google, Basque and state authorities attended the ship’s docking at Subilla del Nuevo Grace Hopper submarine cable, which will connect the Spanish state with the United States and the United Kingdom.

The 16-pair fiber cable is designed for Increase service reliability and deliver high levels of speed And the flexibility of the network, it will increase the capacity and power of Google’s services, and improve the communications infrastructure in Europe in general.

He made it clear that this cable would better serve all Europeans in daily activities such as searching in Google Maps, video conferencing service, and for companies in the speed of their accounts, which is very important today for business production.” Miguel Ascaci, Director of Public Policy and International Relations at Google in Spain.

This cable Sopela puts on contact maps Because conditions are favorable to restrict others, and this undoubtedly has an impact on the local economy. In addition, there are jobs in infrastructure maintenance, there is a demand for advanced digital skills, and therefore, this is also due to the creation of a more competitive production fabric around digital infrastructure Also in Sobella,” added Escassi.

“This cable is large capacity, we are talking about 340 terabytes per second, which is roughly equivalent to 17.5 million people stream 4,000 videos simultaneouslyCable offers distinct advantages, lower latency, higher throughput, greater resilience, network resilience and an additional layer of security than is found today in the public Internet.” Head of Corporate Relations, Google Cloud Iberia.

the cable that It will be operational in early 2022It is the first Google-funded program to reach the state. “We have 27 submarine cables moored in Spain, the majority of which are in Algeciras, Barcelona and Subilla,” explained Arturo Azcura, Director General of Communications and Regulation of Audio-Visual Communication Services at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

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