Graham Schema, a fan of Elon Musk, knows how to fly a plane at the age of seven

Graham Schema, a fan of Elon Musk, knows how to fly a plane at the age of seven

At only 7 years old, this little boy has traveled from Uganda three times and dreams of becoming a pilot and astronaut.

PRODIGIO- In Uganda, he’s possibly Elon Musk’s youngest fan. At only the age of seven, Graham Schema, now nicknamed “Captain” Chima, knows how to fly a plane. His first acquaintance with flying led him to receive an invitation from the German ambassador and the country’s transport minister to attend the meetings.

In the cockpit, Graham doesn’t seem to be a fan of all these buttons, levers, as you can see in the video at the beginning of this article. In fact, it feels like home. At his age, he flew three times as a trainee in the Cessna 172, a small four-seat airliner.

Passionate about math and science, Graham can really explain how an airplane engine works. He wears his suit and prides himself on saying, “Later, I would like to be a pilot and an astronaut.”

He dreams one day going to Mars or the Moon, but also to shake hands with his model, founder of Tesla: “I love Elon Musk, because I want to learn about space from him. Go with him to space.” In May 2020, SpaceX made history after putting two men into orbit. The company wants to someday make the trip to Mars easy to reach.

However, Young Graham’s passion for flying stems from a strange event. When he was only 3 years old, a police helicopter flying very low in the sky blew up on the roof of his grandmother’s house near the Ugandan capital, Kampala. At the time, he was playing outside.

According to her mother, “something started on her mind”. After this accident, I never stopped asking him questions about aircraft work. Then last year he made a decision to offer her lessons in aircraft parts and aviation language.

After only five months of apprenticeship, Graham began taking practical flying lessons. “I felt like a flying bird,” he said of his first flight. Stop him the epidemic, and he will plunge into space exploration thanks to the virtual reality simulator.

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