Guatemala maintains regular flights to the US – Prensa Libre

Guatemala maintains regular flights to the US – Prensa Libre

The internationally announced cancellations did not affect Guatemala. “For our country, all flights were flying at different times and on different routes and there were no cancellations to and from the country,” said Frances Argueta, Director of DGAC, when consulting on airport operations.

Similarly, Moti Rodas, CEO of Agla, commented, “Here in Guatemala, none of the assistants have reported what some flights might be affected, and at the moment there is no information that they will be cancelled.”

In any case, make it clear that for sure more information will be known about it later, there may be some connections and where there are no direct flights.

“I recommend paying close attention to the information on the web pages of airlines, and the company they will use to review the flight a passenger will be taking,” the executive said on Saturday, December 25.

Rodas confirmed to Prinsa Lieber that the main routes from Guatemala to the United States are the airports of Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, New York and Washington, and he did not hear any interruptions in flights.

Canceled flights

Nearly 6,000 flights worldwide were canceled over Christmas and thousands were delayed due to the omicron variant of the coronavirus, according to tracking website Flightaware, further frustrating the pandemic.

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According to, about 2,500 flights were canceled around the world on Christmas Day, including about 850 flights to and from airports in the United States, and about 2,400 on Friday.

And on Thursday, the total cancellations already reached 2,231, according to the same source, which is more than 800 for this Sunday.

highway traffic

Between Thursday 23 and Friday 24 December, 50,000 drivers used the Palén-Escuintla toll road.

Celeste Rosales, a spokeswoman for Siva who runs the department, commented that 31,000 users passed through on Thursday and 24,000 users added 55,000 users in those two days, linked to Christmas activities.

This Saturday is the absence of the notorious travelers.

“We hope that part of the people who still have to work will be back next week, and vehicle loading will begin at 2:00 in the afternoon,” the spokeswoman said.

However, a massive return is expected on Sunday, January 2nd.

With information from Agence France-Presse

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