Guzmán travels to the US with ‘first quarter targets achieved’ – Economy

Guzmán travels to the US with ‘first quarter targets achieved’ – Economy
“We have recently been able to finalize the numbers for the first quarter of this year and I can confirm that the goals in the financial sphere, in the monetary sphere and in the accumulation of international reserves have been achieved,” Guzmán announced on Monday. In the Casa de Government.

The minister stressed that “the implemented economic policy is in line with what has been planned and contributes to stability and ensures the continuity of economic recovery.”

“In fact, the primary fiscal deficit for the first quarter was only 0.25% of GDP,” explained the President of Palacio de Hacienda.
The delegation that will participate in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Summit in Washington will consist of the Minister of Strategic Affairs for the Presidency, Gustavo Pelez, who will serve as the Governor of the Argentine seat at the World Bank, and the Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguelo.

During his stay in the North American country, the minister will hold meetings with various officials and is expected to meet with the head of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva.

The government explicitly asked Georgieva, in the letter of intent and in the Memorandum of Understanding for the new program with the IMF, to “confirm whether, at any time during the term of the EFA, the IMF has established a new line of financing on better terms for which Argentina is eligible, if The country has had the opportunity to use this new line, in accordance with the policies and procedures of the International Monetary Fund.”

Guzmán faces his visit to Washington with peace of mind to show the expected results in terms of the fiscal and monetary plan, when inflation rose to 16 percent in the first quarter and holds the 38 to 48 percent target set in the program.

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