Healthy diet: 8 fruits and vegetables with healing power

Healthy diet: 8 fruits and vegetables with healing power

Dr. Magdalena Megias says in her free book The healing power of foodThat “health in store.” This is the case. The products that we choose in our diet can help us improve our physical and mental health or, on the contrary, worsen it. Eating healthy is easy, you won’t waste time, and you won’t be spending more money either. This, in fact, is the message of the Torres brothers, authors of the book ‘Eat well, don’t diet. ”(Editor Plaza Janice). These gastronomy experts remember that choosing healthy foods and cooking them in a healthy way isn’t as complicated as we think. They highlight it The key to healthy eating It is the diversity, the eating of everything, and the tendency towards those “live” foods, which rot after a period of preservation. That is, fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, white meat … This is the basis of a healthy food. With the help of JuicePlus +, we will review those foods that we can incorporate into our diet that provide us with the substances that help us be healthier.

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It is one of the wild fruits with the most antioxidant properties (it can be eaten daily). At the same time, It contains vitamins A, C, and E., Plus important minerals like calcium, potassium and zinc, which help strengthen defenses, are essential at this time of year. According to Lourdes March, author of Manual de los Alimentos (Alianza Editorial), blackberry juice could be a good ally for those with sore throats.

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