Higher education institutions are committed to the development of science

Higher education institutions are committed to the development of science

the Institutions of Higher Education (IES) we are committed to a The development of quality science in Mexico, as well as your promotion global vision and have a positive impact on the population General Coordinator of the University for AdultsAnd Jaime Vazquez Lopez, during the Opening of the Second Open Science Conference 2021.

He added, therefore, that it is up to the university communities to take on the challenge of collaborating to promote open access to publications. In the case of the foundation’s scientific production, there is a great resource: the BUAP open access repository.

Represent University President Alfonso Esparza Ortiz, Jaime Vázquez López Opened these conferences organized by General Directorate of Libraries BUAP, which includes more than 1,700 participants – librarians, academics, researchers and students – from Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico, among other countries.

Noting that in recent years and during this pandemic, the process of scientific communication has undergone a major transformation, he said that open science – understood as the movement that seeks to open scientific research for social benefit – is revolutionizing science. Production method Scientific knowledge, based on good collaborative practices and making it accessible to all.

“We can affirm that open science is a medium capable of shaping and making scientific, technological and innovation policies more dynamic; it encourages collaboration and provides open access to scientific knowledge.”

Reading President Alfonso Esparza Ortiz’s message, he stressed that increased access to science allows ideas and ideas to converge in inclusive models of knowledge production, encourages dialogue between academic and community communities, promotes interdisciplinary development, and promotes democratization and the search for knowledge to solve the most pressing problems.

In his speech, Alfredo Avendanio Arenaz, Director General of Libraries at BUAP, acknowledged the sensitivity of University President Esparza, who during his tenure supported the library system at Máxima Casa de Estudios in Puebla with the largest budget in history, by presenting to the University Council her proposal for budget expansion and labeling Annually, it was unanimously approved by this governing body.

In this way, he determined that BUAP today has one of the best digital libraries in the country, having grown from 100,000 digital books to 400,000 in full edition.

In his speech, he considered that one of the most important policies pursued by the university is to promote open science, which encourages qualitative research that gives a clear vision and is available to any citizen. Likewise, it translates into collaborative content generation and responsive to social needs. In this sense, he spoke about building citizen science, within a framework of academic integrity that promotes dialogue between societies and academics.

The Second Scientific Conference 2021, which will be held from August 19-21 and will be broadcast on the Facebook of the Directorate General of Libraries BUAP: https://www.facebook.com/bibliotecasbuap, seeks to promote a culture of openness to science, through talks, workshops and conferences that Delivered by national and international speakers.

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