Graco Ramirez. And cancel the “non-practice of criminal proceedings” against the former governor


Cuernavaca. – The probation judge in criminal matters abolished the “non-practice of criminal proceedings” issued by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in favor of Former Governor Graco Ramirez Garrido Abreu, the former Treasury Secretary, Jorge Michel Luna, was accused by the State Credit Institute of abusing his positions to obtain a loan of more than 600,000 pesos for the purchase of a truck, endorsing Michel Luna.

The judge’s ruling responds to the complaint submitted by the owner The Workers’ Credit Institute of the Morelos State Government (ICTSGEM), Fabiola del Sol Oriostegui Alvear, because last March the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office acquitted the former governor and ex-treasury secretary, for the loan nine days before the conclusion of his post as governor.

The Observation Judge’s agreement indicates that the public prosecutor who hears the case analyzes the participation of the most involved and issues a decision evaluating all the evidence presented by ICTSGEM.

The investigation by the Office of the Anti-Corruption Public Prosecutor concluded last April that there was no criminal prosecution of Graco Ramirez, governor of Morelos from 2012 to 2018, and former Secretary of the Treasury, and therefore no criminal proceeding, but lawyers from the Credit Institute disagreed. An expert probation judge summoned the parties to a complaint hearing.

However, the session did not advance the merits of the case because the notification on the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office’s decision was only signed by the Public Prosecutor, and according to legal procedures it must contain the signature of his hierarchy. President, in this case to Deputy Attorney General Guadalupe Flores Cervin.

“It was an omission of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and for this reason the judge decided to replace the notification to the Credit Institute and give the 30-day period to notify the Institute again,” lawyer Juan Gabriel Vargas Telles explained.

But the High Court of Justice interpreted the ruling differently and confirmed that the Probation Judge, Ramon Villanueva Uribe, had ruled the complaint filed by the Director of ICTSGEM, in investigation file FECC/149/2018-12, as admissible, having decided that the decision of March The past reported the Office of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office on “failure to exercise criminal proceedings” in favor of former governor Graco Luis Ramirez Garrido Abreu and former Treasury Secretary, Jorge Michel Luna, lacking “the prior authorization of the attorney or public servant to whom the College was delegated”.

Based on the foregoing, the judge gave the Public Prosecution 30 days to issue its new decision and notify the Director of the Credit Institute of his decision.

The crime attributed to Graco Ramirez and Jorge Michel dates back to September 2018 when the PRD politician processed a loan to purchase a truck because, he stated, as of September 30, the date his administrative responsibility would end, he would stop offering the use of the official vehicle, the state government said in a statement.

The loan was approved by the then Secretary of the Treasury, Jorge Michel Luna, and was also a guarantee of President Morelos.

The previous administration justified Graco Ramirez’s request by saying that the politician would not receive a pension or retirement upon leaving office, and that the fact that his appointment expired on the last day of September did not absolve him from repaying the credit granted.

His lawyer asserts that he is not prosecuting her because the behavior attributed to him is not criminal. “It is a modern and up-to-date credit for payments. It pays it, even the credit institute has the truck bill, but this issue will be moot to the heart of the matter,” said Juan Gabriel Vargas Telles.

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