Science finds clues to understanding math skills

Science finds clues to understanding math skills

The next time someone asks you to do math and you fail, know that science may already have an explanation to help you. Instead of saying something like “sorry i’m human“, Choose “Sorry, these are my notes glutamate NS japa“.

Scientists discover how to impart the brain’s ability to learn

The answer seems tricky but easy to understand: Oxford researchers have determined that more or less of these two neurotransmitters, glutamate and GABA, interfere with each person’s ability to process numbers.

The study was conducted by analyzing the brains of 255 people, ranging in age from six years old to young adults. For this, they all underwent an MRI and performed logical and arithmetic tests. The results were published in the journalIn addition to biologyAt the end of last month.

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Scientists already knew that these two subjects were related to learning levels, but they didn’t know that they would do better or worse on a math test.

The more GABA amino acids and the less glutamate in the brains of younger volunteers, the more talented they are in the art of arithmetic. However, the opposite was true among young people of college age: the higher the levels of glutamate and the lower the levels of GABA, the better the results.

While some people find mathematics intuitive and successful in this field, it is estimated that one in five people has difficulty in this field.Confirmation of article authors.

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