Vicente Fernandez suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome, announces his son


In an interview with the program first effectCharro de Huentitán’s eldest son said his father was diagnosed with the disease after he underwent emergency surgery to take care of his damaged neck after a fall two weeks ago.

Vicente Fernandez Jr. He thanked the doctors for discovering his father’s syndrome in a timely manner. “Fortunately it was detected very early. You already have a treatment. It will be a treatment, as the doctors said, with a slow response,” the singer also commented.

Vicente Junior He denied it, it was said, “Shinti” He was taken to hospital for the syndrome, not for the injuries left by the fall. “No, it’s different things. He fell and that’s why he had an injury to his vertebrae,” he confirmed.

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About the current status of Vicente FernandezHis son confirmed that the response was good and that the farmer’s singer was continuing his treatments.

“He is responding very well. He has just come out of treatment and things are developing in a good way. Treatments consist of breathing and body exercises. He explained that he has a diet prescribed by doctors with fluids.” Vicente Junior

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