Home Town Takeover Season 3: Release Date & Renewal Updates


For the uninitiated, Home Town Takeover may just seem like another entry into the reality home renovation genre. But for the devoted legion of fans, this HGTV show, hosted by the talented and charismatic couple, Ben and Erin Napier, is much more. It’s about community, hard work, creativity, and the magic of transformation that turns rundown spaces into breathtakingly beautiful homes.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season : 2
  • Release Date: To be released soon
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Documentary & Reality
  • Where to watch: HGTV
  • Rating: 8.0 /10 (IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

Home Town Takeover has built a dedicated viewer base who tune in eagerly to see the Napiers work their magic on one deserving small town after another. The series’ unique concept of reviving not just individual homes but entire communities has resonated with audiences across the nation, making it one of the most beloved shows on HGTV.

Renewal Status of Home Town Takeover Season 3

The show has not officially been renewed for a third season. However, given the show’s popularity and the Napiers’ proven track record of successful renovations, there’s reason to remain hopeful for a renewal announcement.

Release Date of Home Town Takeover Season 3

Home Town Takeover made its debut on HGTV on May 2, 2021, instantly capturing the attention of viewers. The release date of Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed. We hope the date will be announced soon.

Cast Detail of Home Town Takeover Season 3

At the heart of Home Town Takeover are hosts Ben and Erin Napier. Ben, a skilled woodworker, brings his craft to the forefront, creating custom pieces for each renovation.

Erin, an artist and designer, infuses her creative vision into each project, making each renovated space truly unique. Their chemistry and shared passion for restoration work make them a beloved duo among viewers.

Home Town Takeover Season 3 Spoiler

While there’s no official confirmation on the fate of Home Town Takeover Season 3, fans of the show can surely anticipate more awe-inspiring transformations should the show return. From entire street revamps to historical building renovations, the possibilities for Season 3 are endless. Perhaps another town on the brink of oblivion will be lucky enough to feel the Napiers’ magic touch.

Home Town Takeover Season 2 was all about the small town of Fort Morgan, Colorado. In Season 2, Ben and Erin Napier, along with a team of experts, set their sights on rejuvenating this small American town.

Episode 1 began with a bang as Ben and Erin selected a deserving family in Fort Morgan whose house was in dire need of a makeover. The home was completely transformed, both inside and out, with a mix of modern designs and homely touches that reflected the family’s personality.

Episode 2 saw the team focusing on public spaces. The Napiers, with their experienced team, took the task of revitalizing a local park. The park had fallen into disrepair over the years and was hardly a place where families could enjoy quality time. The transformation was stunning, with newly installed playground equipment, a refreshment area, and beautiful landscaping that breathed new life into the park.

In Episode 3, a local café got the Napier treatment. A favorite spot among locals but stuck in a time warp, the café was rejuvenated to be more appealing and comfortable while retaining its traditional charm.

Home Town Takeover Fort Morgan
by u/WavingOrDrowning in HGTV

In Episode 4, Ben and Erin helped a local couple revamp their home. The couple had been living in a house that was close to a century old and was proving challenging to maintain. The team updated the structure, improved the functionality, and made it a more cozy and comfortable dwelling for the couple.

Episode 5 was special as the team focused on improving a local school. The school’s interiors were outdated and needed a major uplift to make the learning environment more conducive and exciting for the students. The makeover resulted in brighter classrooms, better furniture, and an overall more cheerful ambiance.

The final episode, Episode 6, wrapped up the season by tackling another public space. The team renovated a local bowling alley that had seen better days. The refreshed bowling alley, complete with upgraded lanes, new seating areas, and an updated refreshment area, became a hub for locals to gather, socialize, and enjoy.

Hometown Takeover, s2 What’s with the white furniture.
by u/shw1957 in HGTV

Throughout the season, viewers were treated to the warmth and charisma of the Napiers, and it was clear that the couple, along with their team, were not just changing physical spaces; they were touching lives, revitalizing a community, and bringing hope to a town that was eager for a fresh start.

The season was filled with inspiring transformations, heartwarming community stories, and the unyielding spirit of Fort Morgan, making Home Town Takeover Season 2 a memorable journey.

Ratings of the Show

Home Town Takeover has garnered impressive ratings since its debut. It currently holds an 8.0/10 rating on IMDb, indicating a strong approval rating among viewers. The show’s blend of home renovation, community upliftment, and engaging hosts have undoubtedly contributed to its high scores.

Review of the Show

As a TV series lover, it’s easy to see why Home Town Takeover has resonated with audiences. The Napiers’ passion and skill, combined with their genuine love for community, make each episode feel like a heartwarming journey of transformation. Though the challenges they face are often immense, their unwavering optimism and creative problem-solving make for an engaging and uplifting watch.

Where to Watch

You can catch Home Town Takeover on HGTV . Additionally, streaming service fuboTV also carries the series.

More Interesting Things About Home Town Takeover Season 3

The anticipation for Season 3 brings with it plenty of excitement. Fans are eager to see which town the Napiers will choose next and how they will transform its structures and community spirit. Season 3 also presents an opportunity for new design trends, construction techniques, and heartwarming community stories to be shared.


Home Town Takeover is more than a home renovation show. It’s about community, revival, and the transformation of not just buildings, but people and towns. With Season 3 still an open possibility, viewers are excited to see where the Napiers’ journey will take them next. Their dedication, creativity, and love for their work make Home Town Takeover a must-watch for any TV series lover.

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