Horcasitas denounces Nashieli Ramírez before FGJ-CDMX for practicing abusive jobs

Horcasitas denounces Nashieli Ramírez before FGJ-CDMX for practicing abusive jobs

Facing a potential cover-up in favor of the capital’s public prosecutor’s office in the investigations into the Metro Line 12 case, Enrique Horcaquetas has criminally indicted Nachile Rodriguez, head of the Mexico City Human Rights Commission, in an unprecedented act.

The complaint, filed jointly with Moisés Guerrero Ponce, former director of Project Metro, notes that more than 10 months after the complaints were submitted to CDHCDMX, there has been no progress and only omissions and irregularities have been noted in the investigation.

The complainants denounced that the Mexico City Human Rights Commission had been ignored and thus may have covered up the poor performance of the Public Prosecution Office, which served the interests of the leadership more than investigating independently, into the events that took place over a year ago.

The said offense provides for a penalty of imprisonment from three months to two years, according to Article 267 of the Mexico City Penal Code, which provides for this penalty against a public servant who improperly denies or delays because of his job, position or assignment. or impede the assistance, protection or service he is obligated to provide.

In addition, the said crime is part of the list of unofficial preventive detention, so if Nachili Ramirez goes to trial, she will have to face her in the Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Prison.

The criminal Gabriel Regino indicated that the complaints were directed towards the ministerial procedures, which refused to initiate the procedures and hand over the files in a timely manner to the aforementioned case.

“The Human Rights Commission is constitutionally obligated to fully exhaust the complaint and this is what it did not do, it has removed and a cover for all omissions and irregularities for all violations committed by the tragedy of line 12 of the metro, that is why we denounced Nachili Ramirez, little progress has been shown, nor The case is still filed, the complaints are archived, and everything has been stopped completely for a year now,” Regino said.

He added that they would also go to the capital’s legislative branch to point out the poor performance of the ombudsmen.

“In addition to this complaint, we will go to the corresponding legislative body, the Human Rights Commission of the Mexico City Congress, to convey the complaint, so that they have a history of how this partially independent body has acted, failing on its constitutional obligation,” he stressed.

Regino explained that the complaint was filed on July 4 before the Attorney General’s Office to investigate crimes committed by FGJ public servants, considering that Nachili Ramirez had acted maliciously, which prevented the progress and mitigation of the aforementioned complaints.

One of them was presented for the actions of the Prosecutor General’s office “in a dark manner and at the expense of our human rights, limiting their exercise, due to the state of line 12”, details the submitted document.

“The reason for submitting the documents to the ministerial authority is to inform us of the existence of investigation files where we have the status of the accused, in order to confirm our right to defence,” Horcasitas said.

In the complaint they raised the obligation under the Public Prosecution Office to exhaust all procedures and determine whether Nachili Ramirez had committed any unlawful conduct.

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