Inspirational teacher! Promotes knowledge for women and girls

Inspirational teacher!  Promotes knowledge for women and girls

“day My father told me ‘daughter of education And what you do with it will be your best legacyToday this award for themto my parentspointed out Laura Eugenia Romero Robles Teacher monterey campuswinner of Inspirational National Teacher Award 2021.

The Engineering Director in Nanotechnology and Chemical Sciences Careers Academic advisor From nano engineeringwas identified in National Teachers’ Meeting for him a path in areas Teaching, intellectual vitality, service and leadership.

In addition to 27 years of service as a teacher for Monterey TechAnd the Laura Romero he has move it Different Initiatives for Promoting science for girls and womenthe work that led her to be creditor From Tec Woman Award On the Category #She4She in 2021.

Laura Romero, a professor at the University of Monterey, won the 2022 National Inspirational Professor Award.

“memory my first classMy students were about my age, I was little fearbecause I was going to occupy the position of professor who was an institution in Tec, professor Irma VeraThe teacher commented.

“One day my daughter’s father told me, Education and what you will do with it will be your best inheritance.”

Romero is too President-elect From The Association of Latin American and Caribbean Colleges of Engineering (LACCEI)where she has Led STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

In addition to being Active Member From Executive Committee of the President of MATILDA Latin America 2021 as well national leader From Promotion Committee and Founder of the MIC . InitiativeCurrently Engineering 2020-2021.

Reward their academic work

“I’m excited to be able Contribute to the history of my studentsand seeing the transformation, but they also contribute to my story.”The teacher explained.

He added that one Messages The main goals he seeks to leave in his students are Motivation to reinvent.

The teacher shared that on her way through the institution, several people contributed to her forgery Date As a teacher, she also expressed special thanks to her family.

I wouldn’t be here without them two people who did their best to make this dream come true Donna Bertha and Don Peto, My father.

“To them all my full thanks and affection, as well as to my family and husband who have supported me until this. Sleeps done realityhighlighted.

“Women are revolutionary by nature and it is time to acknowledge them.”

The teacher teaches classes in the College of Engineering and Science on the Monterey campus.
The teacher teaches classes in the College of Engineering and Science on the Monterey campus.

Inspiration for women and girls

Laura Romero Also highlighted in Act as a national and regional leader For design and conversions UF . generation From models s process scaling s Fundamentals of Medicinal and Nanochemistry.

In addition to being the author of the article Biopolymer nanoparticles: a strategy to enhance stability, bioavailability and biological effects in the magazine Scopus Indexed Q1.

“I think this is a path, women are too Revolutionary by nature And it’s time for recognition.

“I am just one of the women who come after me, and I have a daughter, but I also have three sons who shall be educated in the financial value For me this is very important.”As he claimed.

About the Inspirational Teacher Prize 2022

Laura Eugenia Romero Robles He was identified together with the teachers Sergio Barquinas From Mexico City Campus s Ashetosh Sharma From Campus Queretaro.

This in one Face to face party carried out this July 5 at Luis Elizondo Auditorium in the frame National Teachers’ Meeting 2022.

The Inspirational Teacher Award Is it highest rating granted by the Foundation to Teaching in Tec.

The Three award-winning teachers They were selected from the total 30 teachers and professors nominated for national level by a committee made up of Members of the various Tec de Monterrey schools across the country.

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