Hospital de Jesus, part of the history of medicine in Mexico –

Hospital de Jesus, part of the history of medicine in Mexico –

By: Carlos Haines In this second batch of 5, the Doctor. Abel Arcondia GarciaProminent Cardiovascular SurgeonTell us about the first hospital on the American continent.

the Jesus Hospital It’s an important part in the history of medicine, it’s a wonderful hospital built in 1524, I was staying there, and it was originally called Immaculate Conception Hospital, still standing and located at Av.20 de Noviembre N. 82, in the historic center of CDMX, was the first of its kind on the American continent and the only one of its kind to continue to operate.

It is the most emblematic in the country, it was founded by Hernán Cortés and his bones remain in the hospital chapel; As in the history of Mexico, he is against the hero, his remains were hidden, I was a resident when they extracted his bones and put them in a special place inside the church.

Later, a prominent woman from India presented a statue of Christ of Nazareth, which is inside the church, which is why they called it Hospital de Jesús and it is still in operation, and there all the greats of surgery in Mexico were formed. The first book on surgery, the first surgeries performed, the first trainees and practitioners in the country were trained.

When Pino Suárez Street was widened and made the centerpiece, the facade facing this side was eliminated, but the driveway was preserved, as well as a large part of the hospital.

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