Human remains found in the landing gear of a plane that took off from Kabul


monetary Americans “Human remains” discovered on the train military plane landing Which was caught on Monday in Kabul Airport by Hundreds of Afghans Panicked by the rise of the Taliban, the United States Air Force, which actually opened an investigation.

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The Air Force will review everything Videos circulating on social media Hundreds of people chased a C-17 transport plane, and some tried to madly cling to its wings or wheels. Another video showed the same plane flying over Kabul and two people appearing to fall into the void.

The US spokeswoman said that in addition to uploaded videos and press reports of people falling from the plane on take-off, human remains were found on the landing gear of the C-17 when it landed at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. US Air Force, Ann Stefanik.

“The investigation will be comprehensive to allow us to obtain all the facts about this tragic incident,” he added in a statement.

The army did not give a The overall balance of the victims In the event of leaving the plane, it also did not confirm the information that a person was crushed under the wheels of the plane before takeoff.


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