In the United States they hunt a strange creature; Seen in Lake Florida

A strange creature has been captured in the United States. Photo: Cuartoscuro | explanatory

a Strange creature Which was recorded in the video caused an uproar among netizens, who do not know what animal it could be. Recording was taken by Joe Teller in a park in Florida, United Statesand share it through your account Facebook.

Video, shared on Popular social network, shows a strange creature swimming in the waters of a lake in the United States and appears to be several meters in length. The Pictures we realize that animal moving before my eyes The weirdness of Joe Teller.

The topic you shared PicturesHe even asked what animal it could be, because it doesn’t look like Nothing is known for him men.

according to Shown pictureswhich caused an uproar on social media, the animal makes movements in the water and advances several meters and then disappears from view in the Magnitude the lake in Florida, United States.

manatee? Network theories arise

distance photo Strange creature they were publishedsome Consider netizens That there was no mystery and it was sea ​​cowas they said, in slight ebb and flow.

However, there were those who did not match the rest Explanations He just asked what it could be Strange creature capturing.

“Scary, what was it?”

A request from a social media user

Faced with this question, Joe Tellerauthor video who represents Strange creature, He confirmed that he did not know what it is registered And they ventured to assure that there might not be its clarity.

“We may never know!”

Joe Teller

The truth is that picture Cause a stir on digital platforms, because he’s underappreciated Clarity what animal was arrested in video.

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