“Ashamed of others”: criticism of Pedro Castillo’s presentation and speech at the United Nations

Pedro Castillo at the United Nations.

Presentation by the President of Peru, Peter’s CastleOn the Seventy-seventh General Assembly of the United Nations (UN)Developed in New Yorkin United StateWhat can be talked about among the politicians in Peru.

One of the first to speak was the unconsolidated congressman, Edward Malagawho lamented the action of the Peruvian official when thinking about it He wasn’t the perfect person to represent the people of Peru at a martyr event.

She voted against allowing his trip to New York specifically to avoid these situations. Some colleagues said that the mandate was for the president and not for Pedro Castillo.” And the scientist continued: “I don’t know about you, but more than a president representing us, I see Castillo embarrassing others there.”

As noted, Malaga was one of 43 parliamentarians who refused to give the president permission to travel, however, He still achieved his intention to perform at the UN event by obtaining 69 votes in favour, and one abstention.

Congressman Edward Málaga is working on a third proposal for a presidential position.  (Andean)
Congressman Edward Málaga is working on a third proposal for a presidential position. (Andean)

On her part, the legislator said of Avanza Paes, Norm Yarrow Focus on the speech given by Castillo Terrones on the afternoon of Tuesday 20 September. I focused on a phrase the president said that would show that there is corruption within the executive branch.

I am concerned about what the President of the Republic said in his speech. He acknowledged the existence of corruption within the agencies and ministries. So let’s hope that with this thinking that he gave at the international level, he will come up with another atmosphere and take the relevant measures.”

“He has a rhetoric saying that we (the powers) are opposing. There are no forces here, we are the first authority in the state, and our job is to legislate and supervise. What we do is supervise a government that has clear links to corruption.”

Norma Yarrow, Congressman from Avanza Pais.
Norma Yarrow, Congressman from Avanza Pais.

While, Vladimir Sironthe leader of Peru Libre, the party that brought Pedro Castillo to power, described the words given by the head of state as “Pro-Yankees and NATO”Because he did not approve of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He then criticized, also via his Twitter account, that the president “deals with Israel’s genocidal policy with a baby glove”, despite the fact that he “defended the people of Palestine”. Similarly, he commended that the president had recognized the rights Argentine sovereignty in the Malvinas Islands.

“Pedro Castillo at the United Nations, in favor of Argentina regarding its jurisdiction over the Malvinas Islands, for peace in the RADS (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic), Palestine and Ukraine, against coups, unilateral economic blockade, interference, pollution and xenophobia. It has improved international discourse,” he noted.

Finally, he congratulated that he had reaffirmed “the supremacy of 200 miles, that is, against Convimar”. Ceron Rojas wrote: “Good!”

Vladimir Ceron, leader of the Peruvian Liber.
Vladimir Ceron, leader of the Peruvian Liber.

The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, appeared before the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) with a speech that dealt, in general, with the international politics in which the country is moving: he referred to the wars that afflicted the countries of the world. Population, like The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East. Plus, talk about it Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, diplomatic relations with the Sahrawi Arab Republic, and the Escazu Convention.

“Peru reaffirms its firm position in defense of the principle of non-aggression and respect for the territorial integrity of states. (…) We reiterate the illegality of the Russian Federation’s intervention in Ukraine, in the same way it condemns the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories since 1967, the President began.

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