International Mathematical Olympiad: Mexico achieves its highest score

International Mathematical Olympiad: Mexico achieves its highest score
International Mathematical Olympiad: Mexico achieves its highest score
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With a charo hat, a pet absolut and mexican flagThis is how Daniel Ochoa got his silver medal from International Mathematical Olympiad in Oslo, Norway.

Mexicans at the International Mathematical Olympiad

He is one of the six members of National selection.

the guy Tamaulipas Celebrate this achievement despite the difficulty of this face-to-face competition, after two years of being virtual.

I won a silver medal. Some were a little easier than usual, some were more difficult than usual, and the truth is, it was a very nice experience.”

Daniel Ochoa, silver medal 2022 International Mathematical Olympiad.

Omar Astudillo, of Guerrero State, also took the silver.

The other chosen one also got medals

Bronze medalists were Ana Illanes, Michael Cervantes of Mexico City, Rogelio Guerrero of Aguascalientes and Diego Villarreal of Nuevo Leon.

With 8 years of competition, Mikel bid farewell to these Competencies He says he will miss the adrenaline.

“Some of them were difficult, some were not so much, but it went well for us, and it went well for us. Well, I already took an exam at the university, I am waiting for the results and I will continue with the mathematics ”

Michael Cervantes, bronze medal International Mathematical Olympiad 2022

This Mexican team broke its own record by obtaining 167 points as a team.

Most notable was the Mexican ambassador to Norway, Ulysses Canchola, who went to congratulate the mathematicians.

“They managed to be 25th out of 105 participants, and they achieved the highest score ever achieved by a Mexican team in the history of these 63 competitions.” Ulysses Canchola, Ambassador of Mexico to Norway

With these results Mexico It was placed third in Latin America, after Brazil and Peru.

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