Is Black Widow the most requested Disney+ movie? Yes you are reading correctly

Is Black Widow the most requested Disney+ movie?  Yes you are reading correctly

Scarlett Johansson sued Marvel Studios over her plan to release Black Widow and now it’s one of the most pirated movies.

The ‘Black Widow’ It changed its release date in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which negatively affected its box office performance. But Scarlett Johansson’s much-anticipated solo outing made up for it by becoming the most-searched Disney+ movie. yes! This is not a joke. We’ll see how it goes Florence Bo as a combat asset, yes, the new Black Widow is coming strong.

According to a SimpleGhar study, “Black Widow” is the most searched Disney movie. The title was the most requested by Disney+ in 99 countries, including the United States, Canada, and most of Western Europe.

Emma Stone’s “Cruella” was the second most popular movie on Disney+, and a favorite among 22 countries, while “Luca y Raya” and “The Last Dragon” took the top four spots on the streaming service.

Black Widow is one of the most pirated Disney + movies

Disney’s decision on how to release the film was met with controversy and backlash from many fans, including Johansson.
The actress sued the company for violating the terms of her contract, which allowed her to earn a higher salary based on box office results.

Johansson’s legal team argued that Disney’s unilateral decision to release the film on the day and date prevented Scarlett, “He got the full benefit of his deal with Marvel.”. They also said the move violated Marvel’s guarantee of a theatrical-exclusive release.

Black Widow’s Box Office Problems

Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson - Folence Poe - Marvel Comics

Released in July 2021, it grossed $379.8 million worldwide, and is the third lowest Marvel Studios film to date.

The only Marvel movies to earn less than Black Widow are Captain America: The First Avenger ($370.6 million) and The Incredible Hulk ($264.8 million), both released in the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Black Widow lost $600 million.

On Disney+ Premium Access, production totaled $125 million, watched by nearly two million families during its opening weekend. However, the movie has been illegally downloaded more than 20 million times, and has become In the third pirated feature film in 2021 and thus lost $ 600 million in potential profits.

After Johansson’s lawsuit was filed, Disney executives came under fire for their response. In its opening statement, Disney accused Johansson and his legal team of showing one “A blatant disregard for the horrific and protracted global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”. Several celebrities have come out to support the actress, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Lawrence, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who has also voiced opposition to the release strategy.

Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson - Folence Poe - Marvel Comics

We hope for this new stage with Florence separately and within the group of heroes known as Thunderbolts that will be its leaderdo a better job in terms of audience and release format.

As Widow’s co-star in her singles, as in Thunderbolts, Red Guardian is a character that has captured fans, which is why we wonder, Is he expecting more additions from David Harbor as the ex-Soviet soldier? The synergy between both characters is interesting to exploit in future projects.

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