Is it spelled “hibernation” or “hibernation”? Solve this doubt at RAE – Enseñame de Ciencia

Is it spelled “hibernation” or “hibernation”?  Solve this doubt at RAE – Enseñame de Ciencia

For a word that refers, among other meanings, to a state of lethargy practiced by some animals as an adaptation to harsh winter conditions with a body temperature drop of close to 0 degrees and a general decrease in metabolic functions, do you know if it is correct to write “hibernation” , with hash (h) and without ene (n) or should we write “hibernate”, without hash (h) and with ene (n)?

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Is it spelled “hibernation” or “hibernation”? Solve this question from RAE

The first thing you should know about it is that both words are of equal validity in Spanish and are included in the Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), however, they refer to different issues and, therefore, cannot be the same. used as synonyms. So let’s find out what are their differences.

Definition of hibernation according to the Spanish dictionary

In the case of the word “hibernate,” with an (h) sign, this is exactly the intransitive verb make reference To the state of lethargy that some animals perform as an adaptation to harsh winter conditions, so they are able to lower their body temperature to approach 0 degrees and reduce metabolic functions in general: «Amphibians […] They are able to avoid extreme temperatures by hibernating.”

On the other hand, the same language academy Indicates That this verb can also be used for three other meanings, namely:

  • In a figurative sense, with the subject of a person, although in a strict and physiological sense this process cannot be carried out: «This cold […] Leaves me in the house, makes me want to hibernate, stay in bed until next season.”
  • as a transitive verb to indicate ‘to put’ [a alguien] In a state of hibernation: “The story of a man hibernating after an operation gone wrong and waking up after two hundred years in an unexpected world.”
  • Referring to things, meaning “to allow” [algo] Temporarily inactive: «A meeting of a group of people with the sole purpose of achieving a series of ideas, […] that will be deprecated, approved, or hibernated.”
Definition of “winter” according to the Spanish dictionary

Regarding the word “wintering” RAE adds the following to its Spanish dictionary entry definitions:

  • An intransitive verb that refers to spending the winter somewhere.
  • An intransitive verb used in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay to refer to cattle: Pastar en los invernaderos.
  • Transitive verb used in Uruguay to refer to: fattening cows with good pasture.
Why is the verb ‘hibernate’ or ‘hibernating’ often confused?

according to It is clear RAE was generally in the dictionary of skepticism, in the ancient language “hibernar” is synonymous with “winter”, so this may be a reason for the confusion mentioned. However, in current usage, these verbs cannot be used as synonyms.

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