Jill Biden will teach at Northern Virginia Community College again

Jill Biden will teach at Northern Virginia Community College again

First Lady of the United States, generation BidenAnd He holds a doctorate in education, he will resume teaching next week, The White House said on Saturday.

He said he would do it in person, after a year of remote teaching due to the pandemic Washington Post.

“I can confirm that teaching will begin in the new semester next week,” a spokesperson for the first lady said in an email.

Where will Jill Biden study?

the post She said Jill Biden You will study Tuesday and Thursday in Northern Virginia Community CollegeOutside Washington for 13 weeks.

First Lady of the United States She began teaching there when her husband was Vice President Barack Obama.

She is the first lady who combined her professional duties with a job outside the presidency.

The newspaper said that he will offer a training course to guide students on how to write academic articles.

Jill Tracy Jacobs is the first name of Jill Biden, who will become the first lady of the United States effective Wednesday, January 20: Born in New Jersey on June 3, 1951, she is of Italian descent by the paternal branch, with studies in education and fashion marketing (this is not the last major the universities of Pennsylvania and Delaware practice).

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